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What Security Officers Look for in A Security Operations Software

Security Guards are responsible for protecting the people and assets in a property by continuously monitoring the area. They patrol the perimeter and look for the potential risks that can hamper safety. The job requires being attentive and quick in action. A few seconds delay, and everything can go wrong. So, it’s a difficult job and what is more challenging is managing the security guards! It brings an additional responsibility for security officers.

They not only have to manage the guards but also have to report to their respective clients. From scheduling shifts to communicating with departments and inspecting the area to reporting, security officers have numerous responsibilities.

Doing all the work seems quite challenging, and they look for innovative solutions that can ease the burden and bring efficiency to the job. Well, thanks to technology, we now have modern security monitoring software programs like THERMS that aid security guard management and patrolling. 

Here we have discussed some of the essential features security officers look for while investing in a security guard management system software:

Automatic Shift Scheduling

Manually looking for a guard, whether he/she is present at the site is challenging and time-consuming. Officers or supervisors find it difficult to manually check if the personnel is available. So, they look for software programs that have integrated schedule builders. With this feature, the availability of security guards gets entered as soon as they enter the premises.

The software can be linked with the biometric sensor to know their availability. An additional feature of logging hours and activity is also preferred. The software can then schedule shifts based on the previous records, eliminating the job to do it manually.


It’s quite difficult for security guards to remember every plate number entering the premises, but it’s clearly essential to record it for security purposes. So, having an innovative security system with cameras that scan the license plate of the vehicle and upload the scanned data on the security guard software helps officers to identify the risks. They can see the people, property and vehicles with a history timeline and match it with previous records that eliminate the risks.

Geo Tracking of Security Guards

Well, tracking visitors is essential, but we should not forget to track the position of guards patrolling the perimeter. It helps in many ways. You know that the guard is present at their designated location and doing the job as required. And, also it helps as proof of evidence if any incident happens. So you have your records clear when it comes to investigation.

Reporting and Alerts

Security officers have to create efficient plans for security, and that can be done when you have accurate and precise data, which can only be derived from professional reporting. Modern security software programs help security guards to report all aspects of their duties along with file attachments and send alerts to everyone in the process for approval. 

Custom Report Builder

Also, security officers are responsible for reporting weekly or monthly to their clients. It can be an organization or an individual. So, they look for a tool with a custom report builder that gives them the flexibility to create clear, concise and informative reports that can be easily understood by clients. They desire a software with a user-friendly interface that enables easy drag and drop options to create quality reports.


Managing the security of a building or a commercial space is difficult, but software programs with the above-mentioned features make the job simple, quick and efficient. So, when you plan to invest in security guard management software, look for these features.

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