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123movies Proxy Unblocked Site in 2023 to Watch Movies, Web-series and more

123movies formerly known as Go Movies was launched around 2014-2015; so, they might have been preparing 123movies Unblocked site proxy prior.

123movies Proxy are a great website to stream movies online and it also doesn’t require any separate requirements like VPN, etc. It was the most popular online site in early 2017, but later it was closed and also, reopened.

The movie genre or quality is never a restriction in 123movies unblocked site; it contains most of the movies leaving out the ones that people never heard of. You might be wondering “Are there movies of such kind?”

Yes, some movies cannot be found anywhere.

For example, “The Secret Lives Of Dorks”. You can try searching this movie on many sites, I haven’t found it anywhere, but there are specific websites that you can find these kinds of movies too.

What is 123movies Unblocked Site?

123movies unblocked

A proxy website is something that our internet traffic is connected to and that proxy website then directs us towards the target. It is more like a server than a website and so-called a proxy server.

Is 123movies Unblocked site closed?

The answer is yes, the official 123movies was closed in March 2018, but many clone websites and proxy websites are available.

123movies proxy is getting closed and opened every day, only a few are stable and have constant traffic when compared to the official 123movies unblocked site. Those few stable and worth ones are listed below.

Features of 123Movies Proxy Site

There are many features of the 123Movies Unblocked site like easy navigation, Huge collections of movies, and many more. Many users like Gomovies or 123Movies because of two important things

  • Huge Collection of Movies, TV Shows and web series 
  • All Movie collections are available for FREE

Best UI: 123Movies Unblocked site have the best user interface among all competitors websites. You can easily search for any movies or TV series name and get the Downloading option. The loading speed of 123Movies websites is also breakneck. So watching movies on this website is a treat to the eyes.

Huge Collection of Movies: 123Movies Website has a huge collection of Movies, TV Series, Web series. You can search movies by genre, Countries wise, TV Series, Top IMDb movies, and A TO Z movies by name. We can say the 123Movies website indeed is the best option to watch movies.

Security and NO Registration Issue: You can use the 123Movie unblocked site without registering or submitting your data like Mobile Number, Email or Card details etc. 123Movies Unblocked site are not capturing your data to selling your data targeting Ads. You can watch top movies without giving any information or purchasing any subscriptions. 

Why Free Movie Streaming sites like 123movies Unblocked site Is Illegal?

Websites like 123movies unblocked site and others that stream online violate the nomenclature that producers spend millions to direct and shoot a film, whereas, seekers find those films free online with spending a couple of dollars.

Rather than standing in queue for purchasing a ticket or reserving a seat for money, we can stream without expenses. That is why people consider it illegal.

How to do 123movies Proxy unblocked?

If you want to access 123 moviesfree and do 123movies unblocked site then you must use the best VPN for torrenting. But do you know what is vpn used for? VPN helps protect your online privacy and security by creating an encrypted tunnel between your Laptop or mobile and the website, app or service you are accessing.

In this article, we are going to share best 123moviesfree proxy website list.  You only have to visit the listed websites and you are able to access premium content.

11 Top 123movies Proxy Alternative Websites List 2023 :

If you think, Go Movies is an alternative to 123movies unblocked site, it is a no. Because Go Movies, 123 movies alternative they both are the same. Even though it is officially been shut down, they keep on changing URLs to stay online to keep their customer traffic alive.

Anyway, these are some 123Movies alternatives you should try if you love 123movies and want to do 123Movie Unblocked site;

1. Popcornflix:

This is a movie and TV show streaming website that you can use for free. It is free to use and you can even create your own personalized account. In turn, this has a lot of ads and this might reduce the user interface a bit.

In addition to all those, you can even watch videos that are trending on social media. This won’t be your motive on visiting this site, but they are doing something different from others and thus worth mentioning.

2. SolarMovies: (Best 123Movies Proxy alternative)

This is also one of the competitors of 123movies unblocked site, which has the same user interface as Go Movies. In addition to free movie streaming capability, it has the facility for us to download the original movie, TV Shows, Anime and biography movies.

Also, this site also has all TV shows and web series to be streamed. So, people who are fond of web series will love this and try the rest.


Another awesome online movie streaming site, that has access to TV shows, but not to Web-series. Like most other sites, you don’t have to log in to this website and enjoy the feature provided just for free. Many choose this website as a 123Movies Unblocked site

4. Tubi:

Tubi is an awesome site to stream movies and selected TV channels. This website can be connected directly to any of your devices and then streamed there.

This is a free and legal service that you can find online and you can even connect this to TVs and view those selected channels there. The ads are also comparatively lesser, and it is a website worth trying out.

5. SeeHD:

Another well-developed online movie streaming site. Unlike few of the 123movies unblocked site proxies, seen above this can land you on a site that has access to TV shows as well as web-series.

For an instance, “Legacies” is a TV-series that is the sequel to the popular TV series “Vampire Diaries”. You cannot find that in popcornflix or moviestars; but it could be found in SeeHD.

6. ZMovies

Zmovies is a very popular website for watching Hollywood, TV series movies online. This website also has its android app so you can easily use this on your phone but be careful because ZMovies is full of redirect links and spam links. These spam links may harm your device or inject malware into it. So always use Antivirus software and VPN for accessing these websites.

7. Vumoo

Vummo is a high-quality video streaming site for Hollywood movies, Japanese movies, Korean and Chinese movies. You can choose this website as a 123movies Unblocked site alternative and watch many international movies in your regional language for free. The user interface of this website is very easy so anyone can use Vumoo on Mobile, tablet or laptop and access the latest regional movies.

8. Primewire

Primewire is one of the sites which is very similar to the 123movies proxy website. Primewire offers Movies, TV serials in many languages and subtitles. Primewire have a huge collection of movies and TV series and you can filter by Release Year, Movie Genere, Subtitles and country-wise easily. We at The Tech Diary always suggest you for using the best VPN services while accessing this website.

9. HD Popcorns

If you want to download Movies in good video quality like 720p or 1080p then HD Popcorns is the website you can visit as an alternatives website to 123Movies proxy. Here Downloading process is so easy you just have to click on the movies name and a new page will be open with that movie details. Now you have to click on the download button to start the downloading process. This is one of the best options for 123Movies Unblocked Site.

10. VexMovies

VexMovies is also one of the best 123Movies Unblocked site alternatives in 2023. This website also offers the latest movies in various categories like Action, Adventure, Thriller, Crime, Romance, Drama and many more. You can also search for movies years wise on this website. These Features makes this website awesome.

11. Couchtuner

Couchtuner is also one of the popular TV streaming websites which offer online TV for free, you can watch many TV series, Movies’ latest web series, and more without signup and subscription. There are many couchtuner alternatives available on the internet and it is something like the 123Movie website in features and UI.

Are VPN and Proxy the same?

No, they are not, VPN takes control of all the traffic from your browser and encrypts you so that, you cannot be traced back.

How To Stream Movies Online on 123Movies Proxy?

Streaming online movies are not as complicated as it looks; all we need is a stable network, a proxy server, and an active VPN.

123movies proxy servers don’t matter, you can find it on search engines or later in the article. But using a VPN is crucial; if you’re using an unknown website like 123 movies unblocked site.

Make sure you have disabled your adblockers and tracker blocks. Then also make sure you accept all the cookies. If you are concerned about all of those reads below.

Method 1:

VPN is the issue, so it is better to install a VPN service providing application.  If it is not a trusted service, I recommended avoiding risks. But there are ample options available for VPN services, either paid or free, using one among them is better.

Method 2:

If you are not comfortable buying a monthly subscription just for a VPN and feel lame doing so, you can use browsers that support in-built VPN and proxy.

Try out Opera GX to start with.

Best Movies Downloading Options (123Movies Proxy don’t Offer Downloading Feature)

If you are planning to watch movies without buffers and studders or ads, you might want to download them. The above 123movies proxy won’t allow you to download the videos from those websites.

If you get annoyed by this fact, try the downloading options discussed below.

1. Torrents:

Whenever it comes to downloading any video or software and videogames from 123Movies Proxy, torrent is the best option. But there is a downside while considering this.

There are many torrent downloaders available, but the best would be µtorrent. When it comes to android, we can get into any website and rummage as long as we please. But for computers, it is not safe when compared to 123movies Unblocked proxy sites.

So, whenever you search for torrents it is better to use a VPN.

Applications to try out:

  • Android – µtorrent, Flud, Tordroid.
  • System – qBittorent, Vuze, µtorrent, Deluge, BitTorrent.

2. Direct Downloads:

Some websites allow us to direct download movies. But this requires extra applications to support them.

Example: Using any of the options provided you can download movies and TV series from Page. in.

Note: Just type in the name if the like times out for a response.

is 123movies safe to use in 2023?

No, it is not safe to use 123movies in 2023. 123movies is an illegal website that has been used by many people to stream and download copyrighted content without permission. This means that using 123movies can potentially lead to legal action against you. Additionally, there have also been reports of malicious software being installed on computers through the site, so it is advised to avoid using it altogether.

Conclusion about 123 Movies Proxy Websites:

At the end of the day, we are spending money in the form of internet-pack, movie-tickets, VPN services, or monthly subscription. We must find what suits us and chase it. 123 movies alternative sites made a good start for movies online which now rests on the hands of many proxies.

We hope we are able to explain about the 123Movies Unblocked site. Please let us know in the comment section.

My recommendation would be torrents and direct downloads because not everybody will have a stable network connection and will be ready for risking their privacy either. So, it depends entirely on everyone’s preferences.


1. What are the trusted torrent search engines?

Ans: No engine can give you exact satisfaction, but if you are looking for every torrent in the same spot, try 123Movies Proxy, 123Movies unlocked site, 1337xto.to, YTS, TorHD.

2. Is 123movies Proxy Website wort it?

Ans: Considering all the things that you are getting for free it feels worthless. 123Movies alternative websites are worthy because you will get access to premium content without any charge.

3. Are proxy servers illegal?

Ans: It depends on the purpose you are using it for. But overall, it is legal to use a 123Movies unlocked site proxy server.

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