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Icapsulate and how they get over of the biggest shark tank deal

What is Icapsulate?

iCapsulate is a coffee company in Australia. They are compatible with Nespresso machines to produce biodegradables coffee pods. As the iCapsulate CEO says, Kane Bodiam is the first biodegradable iCapsulate coffee shaft capsule on the market worldwide during his pitch on the shark tank. But later on, he lost an almost closed Shark Tank contract as a result of a dispute which was subsequently settled by a court case.

iCapsulate is a coffee pod producer from Australia that is bio-degradable. In 2017 Kane Bodiam, partner of the venture offered a $2.5 million offer to Shark Tank Australians with a 22.5% stake.

Shark tank appearance in the story

Bodiam made an investment offer for the business

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In the third season of the television series Shark Tank. On YouTube, its original offer for 15% of stakeholders was 2,5 million dollars. Shark Andrew Banks shook hands with 2.5 million dollars and a share of 22.5 percent.

The products and services offered by iCapsulate

Customers could choose from a variety of products and services provided by iCapsulate. The primary service provided by the company was the production of coffee capsules. They created biodegradable coffee pods compatible with Nespresso machines, which gained popularity due to their sustainability and environmental friendliness.

iCapsulate provided private label development in addition to coffee capsule manufacturing. Customers could use this service to create custom-branded coffee pods that they could sell under their own label. especially useful for businesses looking to offer their customers a unique coffee experience.

In addition, the company provided contract roasting services, which included roasting and packaging coffee for other businesses. This service enabled smaller coffee shops to produce high-quality coffee without investing in costly roasting equipment.

iCapsulate also provided beverage development services. This entailed developing custom coffee blends and recipes for businesses looking to provide their customers with unique coffee-based drinks. A team of experienced baristas and coffee experts worked together to create high-quality coffee drinks.

Why the shark tank investment sank

The 2,5 million dollars contract wasn’t passed but for various reasons, which you ask for. The agreement was held in its due diligence and was ended. Why the deal was concluded was a very different response for Bodiam and the Banks. If you believe Bodiam, a man whose word was challenged at court. Or if you believe Banks, a man of professional reputation who invests in a business every time.

What happens during the Shark Tank pitch

Icapsulate CEO Kane Bodiam offered a great business proposal for sharks requesting a massive investment of 2,5 million dollars for 15% of the company’s trade. As per ordinary, the sharks are struck by this idea as it seems like the most extensive offer in the shark tank. He sweetened the pod in the course of the pitch of Kane Bodiam and said that his company icapsulate generates about 35 million pods per year in just some months.

What is iCapsulate net worth today?

With their looming insolvency, the company has an icapsulate net worth of under $100k. And he also notes that he has agreements across Australia and New Zealand with big coffee shops and sellers. By the end of just one and a half years, he said that he had 37.5 million AUD sales. This is what the sharks are all about. The Shark Andrew Banks was offered to Kane immediately with 2 deals, which he chose to choose from. For 22.5 percent of the group, they consent to a joint agreement of $2.5 million.

iCapsulate’s net worth is unofficially unknown. Kane became one of the biggest busts on the reality show, going from hero to zero. Andrew Banks withdrew his offer after discovering the claims made by Kane were false. Kane closed its doors in 2018 and has no value as of 2023.

Shark Tank deal falls

But nearly one year later, Banks reported that the company claims that the biodegradable capsules were not correct and that the Shark Tank deal with icapsulate stock eventually went down.

“It’s not going to be gone because at the show you’ll recall, they said, ‘We’re the only producers of coffee pods that are biodegradable, and the CSIRO’s going to affirm that soon.”

“And guess what? They didn’t, and they aren’t. I didn’t gamble that for 2.5 million bucks. It was [a pity] that they had a good company because the sales of nearly 15 million dollars that year and 25 million dollars the next. You don’t have my money.”

“We gave them some information at first, but when we got all the certification and all we never did [with the deal],” the founder told news.com.au.

“They have stopped speaking, so we have stopped talking too. It just moved slowly, and we moved very fast. Possibly we decided two or three months after we met Andrew that we’d go alone.”

The founder has said that the capital injection of $2.5 million is not too much also icapsulate doesn’t have substantial unpaid debts, according to administrator Andrew Barnden. Bara “fair bit of money still owed to equipment.” Administrators pursue expressions of third parties’ interest in the business, but Barnden says that purchasing deals are also available from the company’s management.

“We will consider any plan, whether a company agreement or a straight sale,” he says. “We will consider.

What happened to icapsulate after Shark Tank?

The achievements of Shark Tank may maybe make him a well-known name. In 2015, however, a court in Sydney ruled that False had filed cases concerning his former post-Crazy Coffee Capsules work.

Bodiam ensured that he produced Insane Coffee Capsules and run them on his Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Justice Richard White found that this declaration was disappointing.

“The delusional and delicate leadership in delivering the messages was taken by Kane Ronald Vasudevan Bodyam,” he reveled on October 2, 2015.

Mr. Bodiam was asked not to guarantee that his previous manager’s espresso cases were dangerous and “restricted” from thinking that he once had guided an organization.

It was also forbidden to share the “mystery producing forms ” of crazy coffee cases. This company and its owner also manufacture Nespresso Espresso containers. Andrew Banks left the contract made during the TV show with this incident. He also said, ‘I’m not going to risk that’: Towards news.com.au.

Although iCapsulate continued to operate for some time after the failed deal, its fortunes continued to decline, and it went out of business in 2018. As of 2023, iCapsulate is worth $0, and its biodegradable coffee pods are no longer available.

Banks later confirmed that the iCapsulate deal ultimately fell through due to the company’s claims about its biodegradable capsules not being accurate.

The official statement made by Icapsulate

Mr. Boyam, however, said that he described his comments as “strange” and that, due to lack of contact, icapsulate took an “internal decision” not to continue with the contract. He told Mr. Banks that he had only spoken to his personal assistant after the show.

“We gave them some information at the outset, but when we got all the certification, and we never proceeded [with the deal].”

“They have stopped speaking, so we have stopped talking. It just moved slowly, and we moved very fast. Possibly we decided two or three months after we met Andrew that we’d go alone.”

He said the hermeneutic Nespresso-compatible capsule from icapsulate, which will be introduced next month, was certified as biodegradable and compostable under EN 13432 and awarded the OK Compost certification label by the international Vincotte and TUV certification agencies.

He said that, contrary to what Mr. Banks argues, the CSIRO was not included in the proceeding. Foreign certificates were sufficient to substantiate claims for biodegradability according to the guidelines of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

“All the certifications are there, essentially what he said is wrong,” he said.

What is iCapsulate share price now?

As of 2023, iCapsulate is no longer in business, so it has no share price. The company’s failure was due to a combination of factors, including the false claims made by its founder about its biodegradable coffee pods and the loss of investor confidence after the failed Shark Tank deal.


Icapsulate and Shark Tank have a tumultuous past littered he said in a statement that contradicts each other initially, although making it difficult to find actual evidence.

iCapsulate gained national attention when it appeared on Shark Tank Australia and was offered a $2.5 million investment. However, the deal fell through due to false claims made by the company’s founder, Kane Bodiam, about its biodegradable coffee pods.

What do Kane Bodiam and Icapsulate have for the future then? Nobody knows it actually. Nobody knows what will be going to happen next. Hope you like the information provided by The Tech Diary Team, Please let us know in the comment section, how do you like this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Who is the Owner of Icapsulate?
Ans: Kane Bodiam is the Owner of Icapsulate Company who makes Coffee Capsules, and gets the highest amount in Australian shark tank deals.

Q 2: What is the Icapsulate Shark tank deal?
Ans: Shark Tank is one of the popular American Business TV reality Shows directed by Craig Spirko, Ken Fuchs, and Alan Carter. In this show, there is a panel of 5 Investors called “Sharks.” Entrepreneurs show their business presentation in front of them.

Q 3: How much is Icapsulate net worth?
Ans: Icapsulate Net worth is around $100k, which Mr. Bodiam owns.

Q 4: Which is the biggest deal in Australian Shark Tank history?
Ans: Mr. Bodiam grabs the biggest deal in the Australian Shark Tank deal. He is the owner of Icapsulate; the deal amount is $2.5 Million and invested by Andrew Banks.

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