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Finest Lighting Designs for Your Patio

Lighting up your patio can be a tricky part. Outdoor lighting doesn’t work the same as indoor lighting and there’s a lot of things you have to consider, especially setting the tone right and nailing the ambience.

It is important to avoid very loud lighting fixtures and go with the ones that will perfectly complement the night sky. From The White Teak Company’s exhaustive range, we bring to you the finest and the plushest lighting fixtures to add a touch of opulence to your patio. 

Subtle-yet-graceful pendant lights 

Pendant lights are perfect for such a setting and set the right tone to your patio too. Unlike chandeliers, they’re not too heavy and not too loud and they accentuate the aura of the space with their somber lighting too.

Our recommendations for the space starts with Positive Energy, a beautiful pendant light that comes with a wooden shade and a reinforced fabric shade to offer that perfect illumination and blend in with your existing decor too.  Another beauty that we can offer you is Treasure. This pendant light boasts a contemporary design and comes with dimmable LED to set the right tone according to your mood. 

Sombre and efficient wall lights 

Since the idea is to go with toned-down lighting fixtures, we give you the best one in the house, Unrequited Love. This wall light is a true beauty and comes with a scone in a solid iron dark walnut hue. The Murano glass shade adds a different energy to this piece. Another one of our finest pieces from the collection is Slate Abate. This wall light boasts a shade made out of stone veneer and lends a classy touch to your patio. 

Felicitous table lamps 

We’ll add the finishing touch with a table lamp that not only looks terrific when lit up but also doubles up as a good decor piece when switched off to enjoy the natural light. Sugar Rush would definitely top this section.

Inspired by a traditional Chinese lantern, this lamp comes with a milky white panel on the inside and amber-tinted glass on the outside. To add an edge to your patio setting, we would recommend another piece to go with called Burnt Spice. This beauty comes with a smart LED bulb that can be customized to suit your needs and your moods. Also read about the Types of Water Dispensers Are Available in Malaysia and many more articles on The Tech Diary.

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