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3 Ways A Concept Design Agency Can Boost Customer Experience

Executing a plan isn’t the most challenging part of any project. Neither is it about sourcing for materials and leads nor hiring the best people for the job. The most daunting and overwhelming part of any project, is designing and outlining it.

Project designing or more aptly, project conceptualization is a series of steps undertaken by anyone who wants to successfully execute a plan. Be it from merely thinking about the Christmas decoration in the workplace to curating an effective marketing strategy, rectifying a project design is not easy.

That’s why a number of businesses opt for partners that provide concept design solutions. Having a third-party entity work with a company’s in-home design or marketing team will work wonders, most particularly in customer-facing business projects.

Customers know how to discern a well-thought-out project from a rash and abrupt gimmick. The devil lies in the details, after all. So, if you’re a business owner or a marketing director who wants to capitalize on your projects, here are three ways a concept design agency can boost customer experience.

They Help You Integrate Your Customers In The Designing Process

It’s pretty obvious that customers of different stores have different tastes and preferences. This means that ensuring you ‘incorporate’ your customers into your business projects will give off an impression that you spend time to really know them well.

What this is for your business is, having a basic understanding of your customers is just as important as maintaining them and having them stay loyal. And with this generation’s informed consumers, seeing that they get to see piece of them in your project means you’re participating rather than just advertising.

For instance, if you work in the fast-food industry, creating projects that are on-the-go will be more effective than projects that force customers to dine-in. Implementing these ‘facts’ into the concept design process will help the business have a tailored project that focuses on overall customer experience, rather than just simply increasing sales.

They Help Your Staff Improve Customer Experience

Furthermore, concept design agencies can help give you professional and expert input that will take your project the next level. And with the current technology, instead of just simply outlining an ‘on-the-go’ gimmick, they can help overhaul the entire store to make it more immersive and automated. You can take a look at this concept design service for Sports Direct at Oxford Street to know more.

They Help Your Staff Improve Customer Experience

Customer service, although frequently interchanged, is different from customer experience. Customer service is given by your employees—being smiled at, greeted at, and the like—while customer experience is their overall experience from the business, which includes a good customer service, their feelings, emotions, and the list goes on.

By opting for concept design agencies, you can relieve some of the tasks from your staff for them to focus on improving customer service, thereby enhancing overall customer experience. Concept design agencies can work with your staff and provide them insight on how the store runs on a daily basis.

The concept design agency can then draft options for you, to make shopping more seamless and smoother. Through the help of technology, they can leave all the product- and goods-related work to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and human interaction to the staff, therefore improving customer service and experience in one go.

While not all concept design agency has this kind of service, most agencies can source out leads for your business to realize this kind of innovation. 

They Help You With Brand Continuity

Brand continuity is basically the consistency of your brand, despite the situation or any marketing condition. What this means for the customers is that they’ll immediately recognize your brand and will expect the same experience they had from one of your locations to be mirrored in whichever branch you have.

Not only this, but brand continuity is also important for your customers to know that you have a standard being upheld within the company. Consistency is precedent of standard, after all. Having to do business with a company that has standards, breeds trust, thereby reinforcing customer relationship.

Moreover, the concept design agency can reflect your brand in every step of the designing process and most importantly, in executing it. This is extremely crucial, because you’d want your projects to reflect your brand as much as possible. Your brand is you, and it’s what the customers use to set you out from your competition.


With today’s market, focusing on customer experience is a better long-term investment than simply pushing for sales or improving customer service. And with the help of concept design agencies, you get to have a bigger headspace of thinking of ways on how to incorporate your business in your goal for a better customer experience.

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