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Top 5 Things to Look Out for When You Rent Construction Equipment

Do you have a construction project you want to get started? Are you wondering if you’re ready to get started and need help?

Renting construction equipment can be a great way to get the job done. It serves as a tool for light to heavy construction projects.

However, not all construction equipment is created equal. Rental equipment can vary in quality, age, and state of repair.

Read on for our top five things to look out for when you’re getting ready to rent construction equipment.

1. Equipment Condition

Ensure the equipment is in good working order and all safety features function correctly. Inspect the entire machine to ensure no visible signs of wear and tear, rust, or cracks. Check that all the attachments are securely fastened to the device and that all lubrication ports and fittings have not been tampered with.

It is also essential to check that the engine and any other electrical components are functioning correctly and that the batteries are charged. Additionally, ensure that the hoses, cables, fuel tanks, belts, and wires are not cracked, frayed, or worn.

2. Type of Project

Types of projects may require different equipment sizes, so make sure to check that the machines you are renting are the correct size and capacity for your project.

Make sure to inquire about the daily rate of rental. Get quotes from several different rental companies to ensure you get the most competitive rate. If the equipment is not being delivered to the project and needs to be picked up, you must determine the delivery cost and schedule.

3. Equipment Supplier

Confirm the rental agreement before signing. Ensure you understand what’s included in the rental and if there are additional charges. Many suppliers have an online rating system that can provide helpful information.

Check to see if the supplier offers any protection or insurance for the rental. Make sure to inspect the equipment before it is delivered. Inspect it before it’s returned, so you can be sure it is in the same condition as when it was rented. If you are looking for a supplier that can provide equipment versatility, look at this Stone Equipment Company.

4. Rental Agreements

Check to see what type of insurance and liability coverage comes with the rental. Liability coverage often varies between equipment rentals, so ensure you understand your agreement’s terms.

Be sure to read the rental agreement in its entirety to understand all of the associated fees. Determine if there are any additional fees for late returns or damages to the equipment.

Make sure you understand the penalty for canceling the rental agreement. Rental Agreements typically require a 24-hour minimum and charge a cancellation fee if the rental is canceled within the 24-hour window.

5. Pricing and Cost Savings

Make sure to compare prices for the equipment you need and even ask for quotes from multiple companies. Additionally, inquire if there are any other discounts or promotional offers that you may be eligible for.

Check if there is a pre-booking or advanced booking discount. Discounts may also be available for additional items such as labor, gasoline, etc.

Choose the Best Rent Construction Equipment

Remember to stay informed! When it comes to rent construction equipment, attention to detail is critical. Make sure you know the accuracy of the machinery, your budget, the risks associated, the terms of the rental agreement, and the provider.

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