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4 Latest Technologies For Your IT Support Company

For most entrepreneurs, running a business in the 21st century means keeping up with the latest technological trends and advancements. Additionally, the surge in digitization has also redefined how businesses are run and how consumers interact with them. As a result, customer expectations have grown and companies are compelled to keep up. 

It’s not surprising that technologies are now deeply integrated into almost all facets of business, improving operations and the response to changing customer needs. But the pace at which technology has advanced in the last few years has put companies without proper IT support in danger of being swept by a tsunami of technological progress. The drive to fast-track their digital transformation made it difficult for their IT capabilities to keep pace.

An Overview Of IT Support Company

Also known as an IT managed service provider (MSP) and managed IT services, an IT support company is composed of accomplished and experienced technology experts tasked to deliver professional-level management of a company’s IT needs. They’re a third-party company that assumes the responsibility of another organization’s IT requirements. 

Since not all companies have a fully-staffed IT department, some would outsource their IT needs to MSPs. This enables them to avail themselves of a team of IT experts in various IT fields. With a whole team of skilled technicians, IT support companies like northernstar can provide a wide variety of technological services.

SMBs (small-medium businesses) typically don’t have the budget to build an entire IT team, so they tend to hire one or two techs who are expected to do everything. With an IT support company, businesses can upgrade their IT capabilities without a significant outlay of capital to outfit a comparable IT team. 

SMBs compete on the same footing, technology-wise, with larger corporations. They can also be in a position to benefit from the latest technologies that other companies currently use.

Latest Technologies Facing IT Support Companies

Technological progress leads to rapid changes, and as these changes are coming at a dizzying pace, some internal IT staff might not be able to keep up. Having an IT support company can help SMBs keep pace. Below are some of these technological advances:      

Latest Technologies Facing IT Support CompaniesArtificial Intelligence (AI) 

AI is one of the trending technologies; it’ll probably have the biggest effect on the future of IT. Its influences are being felt across many sectors, such as medical, business, military, automotive, and many others. AI made waves in revolutionizing image and speech recognition, navigations, ride-sharing apps, machine translations, and digital assistants.

Contemporary AI uses include big data analysis, improved diagnostics, cybersecurity, customer behavior prediction, even detecting disinformation. Given that, AI use will increase even more in the coming years. The AI industry is predicted to reach around USD$126 billion in the next few years. 

AI will also spawn jobs and job opportunities due to the need to develop, maintain, test, and support AI equipment and applications.    

Edge computing

Although cloud computing is still popular, edge computing is touted as a trend to watch out for. Cloud computing puts the data in remote locations where they are stored and processed. Edge computing, on the other hand, allows devices to process some or all of the data where they’re collected. This is made possible by AI-assisted devices having more computing power, which means they can manage data processing without sending the data to the cloud. 

As a result, data won’t have latency issues that can hobble an app’s function. The savings that companies can realize due to not having to rely on cloud-based storage is also significant enough to make edge computing a serious option. Moreover, edge computing is in a position to increase the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which means more opportunities for IT specialists. 

5G technology

This is one of those disruptive technologies that will impact how people interact with the digital world. It could also help push the development of other technologies like cloud computing, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). Industries like healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, gaming, and entertainment, among others, will significantly benefit from this technology. 

Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT is also one of the disruptive technologies that can further influence the way people do things while providing expanded opportunities for businesses to create and develop business models. IoT works on the premise that digital devices, like smartwatches and home security systems, can connect to the Internet and with each other.

They’re composed of smart, interconnected devices that can communicate with each other over networks. For advertising, marketing, or business management, IoT could be used to collect data by tracking interactions between people and their digital devices. Data could be used to enhance user experience and optimize advertising campaigns and marketing strategies.

Final Thoughts

Not all businesses have the resources to train and equip an IT team. An IT support company, however, is a viable alternative. It can help SMBs compete with larger companies when it comes to tech.

What’s more, with an IT support company, not only can they have access to an experienced team of experts, but they’ll also be in a position to benefit from the latest technologies discussed in this article.

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