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How To Spy On Your Competitor’s Private Instagram Accounts

As a business owner, you need to ensure that your business is ranking one on the top charts of your business niche. You can make it possible by producing quality products or services, making your page relevant and up to date for your audience, and also providing outstanding customer service. But along those lines, spying on your competitor’s Instagram account might also help pull yourself up to win the competition. 

Some businesses choose to set their Instagram accounts to private to prevent competitors from spying on their audiences. However, that shouldn’t stop you from seeing how well they’re doing and how you can win against them. Moreover, below are some ways to spy on your competitor’s private Instagram accounts:

Use A Third-Party App

One of the most effective and best ways to view a private account is using private Instagram viewer app. There are a lot of third-party Instagram viewer apps that allow you to view private accounts. You need to be careful because some tools pose as friendly software but are risky.

Although the process may seem a little bit tricky, it will be worth it once you make it work. Remember to inspect if the third-party app you are using is trustworthy and doesn’t install any malicious software on your device. 

Additionally, there are also third-party apps available that provide an Instagram story viewer service. This way, you can anonymously see their posts and their Instagram stories. It would be extremely helpful, especially since most marketing strategies run through their Instagram stories.

Send A Follow Request

Before you try doing anything complicated, it’s easier to tap on the follow button and hopes that the account owner will accept your request. If they happen to be online and accept your request right away, then you’re in luck since you will be able to view their profile on the spot. But if they’re not online or if the request has been sitting for far too long, it’s better to think of a different approach to how you would view their profile. Primarily, if that owner identifies you as their competition, you’re most likely to get rejected from your request.

Create A Dummy Account

If the owner can already identify you as their competitor, then it’s time to bring out another trick from the bag. You can try creating a dummy or fake account on which you can follow your competitor’s private account. It allows you to blend naturally and seem like you’re just a regular follower, which increases your chance of getting accepted.

Once you’re accepted, you now have the freedom to check out their profile. Just make sure that your account isn’t too much of an obvious dummy account to avoid getting your follower request rejected. You can post some random photos online or try to make your account look a bit more personal than generic.

Use A Search Engine

If their profile had been public before, the chances are that you can check their account when you search for their username online. If their account had been public before, the chances are that the results will show their public posts. This stuff is still good compared to not seeing any posts on their private account. Although the results will only show posts made when their account was still public, it’s still not a bad place to start where to view their posts. It’ll help to give you a quick insight into what their Instagram is all about, allowing you to create your strategy from there.

Borrow An Account

There are times wherein you have a friend or know someone who is following the account of your competitors. With this, you could ask the help of your friend if you could borrow their account just to view the profile of your competitors. If they’re not following the account, they could still help by following the private account since their chances of being accepted are high because of their legitimacy. It would be much easier if you knew someone willing to help you with this and prevent yourself from creating a dummy account.

Send A Follow Request

Search Other Platforms

If you have no luck viewing the private account of your competitor through various ways, you could try checking out their other social media platforms, and if you’re lucky, some of those would be public accounts. It could be an easy way to check their activities even though it’s not on Instagram. It’s a lot better compared to not viewing anything from their page. Additionally, some companies just duplicate their post on Instagram and other social media platforms for a unified posting experience.


Spying on your competitors isn’t easy, especially if they have a private account. It’ll give you the perfect opportunity to watch their activities and see how their strategy is helping their business. While the process might be a bit tricky, it’ll help to give your company an edge on how you can win the competition and generate more sales while also improving your brand’s image.

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