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When it comes to gaming, there is a long-standing argument between two gamer types – Console Nobles and the PC Master Race. Both sides have sound points to help their cases. However, if we look at it from an objective standpoint, playing on a PC has more to offer. Here is a quick list of the reasons why this is the case:

Upgradable Hardware

One of the main reasons why playing on the PC is better than on consoles is in the hardware. Most consoles have hardware that is specifically designed to play all the different titles the best they can.  However, the duration of how well they can run games at an optimal level is reliant on the progressive development of the latest game engines. In most cases, console gamers who bought the initial releases will have to get the latest model if they want to experience optimal gaming.

Meanwhile, PC gamers usually resort to upgrading their units instead of getting a new rig altogether. Upgrading one’s PC is a better option than shelling out for a new console since the other peripherals can still be used. Even gamers who don’t want to spend too much on upgrades can attest that PCs are more affordable than a new console.

Easier Access to Games & Better Connectivity

In terms of access to games, the PC objectively has more titles to offer than consoles. From triple-A titles, indie titles, to popular multiplayer games, players can easily install and play them without any hitch. Moreover, the emergence of different gaming platforms enables PC gamers more options where they can discover, download, and play games. For instance, has a veritable list of games that can be played on PCs for free.

Why Playing on PC

When it comes to multiplayer games, the PC also makes it easier for players to connect with others. This is because PC hardware and software need less tweaking to connect to the internet. The same cannot be said with consoles. Before you can play with other console players, you will first have to purchase their respective online subscription service. This is on top of buying the device. If you do not buy the online service, you won’t be able to play with other players. It’s a huge setback for fans of multiplayer titles.

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Speaking of connectivity, PC gamers also have it easier when it comes to streaming their games. Most gaming PCs can handily run any game on top of streaming software without problems. This allows gaming content creators more time to focus on playing and streaming their content for their audience.  For consoles, you need to take additional confusing steps before you can use them for streaming.

Fully Customizable Gaming Experience

Another reason why PCs are better than consoles is the fact that PCs allow you to customize your gaming experience. For instance, there are tons of mods that make clever and fun additions to popular games. Do you want to play Tekken 7 with Kazuya rocking his outfit back in Tekken 2? There is a mod that does exactly that, complete with the pixelated graphics! You cannot do this on consoles since the games’ programs cannot be tweaked using their hardware.

There is also the matter with the in-game controls and the available peripherals you can use. For consoles, you are usually stuck with your controller and the games’ default control setup.  Although some titles give you the ability to change the button input. This is not the case for PC gamers. They have more options when it comes to button mapping since they can either use a mouse and keyboard or a controller. With these options available, it makes it easier for PC gamers to play the game the way they want to.

Better Long-Term Investment

Finally, in terms of long-term investment, a PC is the better option compared to consoles… Console gamers typically have to decide if they would get an initial release or wait for a better version later on. In most cases, they would do the latter since the latest versions further improve on the first release ones. And the cycle repeats itself – their latest console is powerful only until another version comes out.

For PC users, this problem is a bit more manageable. This is because PCs can be upgraded to accommodate games that require more hardware performance. For example, a good PC usually has the necessary hardware that can run games smoothly for three to five years. And if some components are starting to chug, they can be quickly replaced with newer ones.

The PC’s ability to upgrade its parts is a good thing for gamers who are conscious of their expenditures. This is why it is a better long-term investment for gaming. And those are the reasons why PC gaming is still a better option than consoles. As it stands, PCs are always in a good position when it comes to giving users full control over their games. If you wish to have such control over the titles you plan on playing, PC is the way to go.

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