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What to Expect When You Invest in Digital Marketing?

Dozens of entrepreneurs ask what results to expect from digital marketing? It is the champion question. We are here to help you understand what to expect from your digital actions and make the right decision for your business; after all, this will be one of the most essential investments your company will make.

1. Expectations alignment

First, we need to align expectations, what you expect from the RedShift Digital Marketing agency and what the agency expects from you. This exercise is essential so that we can walk in the same direction.

Let us say you expect to win many customers in a brief period. Naturally, you will need to have a more significant investment to increase your exposure in these cases. Besides, short-term strategies always involve investment in paid media, given that there is not enough time to gain an excellent organic presence.

2. Short-term skills

These actions aim to achieve results in a short time. In the first few weeks of the campaign, you can already feel the effects. In this case, you work with short-term actions on Google Ads Search, Display, and YouTube, besides boosting social channels to increase the reach of your promotions. The negative point is that you do not gain any relevance; from the moment you stop paying, you disappear.

3. Medium and long-term skills

You focus on SEO to improve the positioning of your website on Google and content creation to improve your engagement on social networks and thus reach more people organically. Medium-term strategies take a few months to bring results. They are based on actions that aim to gain relevance and engagement and generate a good and healthy base of leads for your business.

Inbound marketing actions also fit here, whose objective is to bring leads to your business and help you convert them into customers. Both strategies have their positive and negative points. The big plus point of this strategy is that you gain authority and relevance. Therefore, the role of a good agency is to understand your expectations and develop an appropriate plan that combines the advantages of each action.

4. Digital performance

We cannot talk about results without talking about performance. It is the main point of all digital action. It is necessary to correctly measure their efforts and define which metrics will guide the marketing team to know their conversions and all their details in real-time, such as filling out forms, clicking on buttons, shopping online, cart abandonment, and page clicks email opens, etc.

In the end

Do not believe in companies that promise results without first analyzing your market, competitors, specific strengths, and weaknesses of your business. It is a long shot. The objectives of each campaign emerge during planning, with real goals aligned with your company’s expectations.

Keep in mind which metrics you need to track to identify the results of your actions. Moreover, do not worry if you do not know; a good agency will help you pinpoint the most critical metrics, whatever your goal.

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