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What made the Karen Radio Host fired? The story depicts the racist incident

The date was 12 July 2020, and breaking news “Karen Radio Host fired” started hitting the headlines. The headline said that Diana Pluss got fired from her popular radio show in New Hampshire. The announcement was quite shocking, and just in few minutes, the news spread like a wild forest fire and made a buzz out of it.

Also, one of the biggest broadcasting media WSMN 1590, stated that Diana Ploss is neither affiliated nor associated with the WSMN. But what made WSMN take such a big step. In this article, you will learn about the reason why Karen radio host is fired

Who is Diana Ploss, and How is she associated with the topic of “Karen radio host fired”?

Those who are news buff, you must have the Idea who Diana Ploss is! Diana Ploss is a famous American journalist in New Hampshire. She was pretty popular for her journalism and dedicated herself to assisting the Americans to overcome the issues they are facing today.

She used her source on multiple media platforms to spread social messages. Despite so many good works, Diana ended herself in a solid racist controversy.

Diana made a disdainful video on some worker of Morin’s company. She was so outraged that she filmed a live video and uploaded it on social media. What was in the video? The video clearly showed that Diana was harassing Hispanic Street workers just because they were not talking in the English language.

Diana was on fire and mad at the worker, as they were not speaking English while working on the street in the United States. Her racist behaviour towards the Spanish-speaking worker got her into the news of “Karen radio host fired.” 

How did the Incident take place and ended in Karen radio host fired?

The Incident took place on a busy working day of July 2020. The American Journalist Diana Ploss was heading towards her studio. While crossing Hispanic Street, she came across the discussion of Spanish workers of Morin’s company.

When Diana listened to their Spanish discussion, she burst into anger and started filming the live video on popular social media platforms. And suddenly she approached the worker and asked them why they are not speaking in English? In the first instance, the worker was surprised to see the lady filming video and asking such a question.

They replied to Diana that they are working for a private company. The worker was unable to understand the reason behind Diana’s anger(Karen radio host fired).

The reply of the worker made Diana more outrageous. She was unable to stand the fact that an outsider is speaking their motherland, in the land of English. Even out of anger, Diana warned the worker by saying that if they are working in the state, they have to speak in English, and no other language is allowed to be spoken except English in the land of America.

At a certain point in time, Diana was so mad that she started shouting at the worker. And wanted to know if any illegal work is going on the street or not? Unable to speak the native language, and speaking in the mother tongue in the street of America, was portrayed as Communism by Diana Ploss (Karen radio host fired).

What was the reason behind the argument between Ms Ploss and the Black man in the story “Karen radio host fired”?

In all these scenarios, there was a bystander who was watching the entire incident live. He decided not to keep quiet and headed toward the incident place. The young black man asked Diana the reason for harassing the worker.

In favour of the worker, the young black man said that there is no such rule that immigrants have to speak in English to live or work in the United States of America. The reply of the young man made Diana go crazy.

She shouted and made a racist statement that “Because you are a Blackman yourself, you will support the brown man from a white lady.” This racist statement made Diana the villain of the story “Karen radio host fired.” 

Different responses on the incident of Karen radio host fired:

Community Response 

As soon as the video got posted, it became an internet sensation. Social media was shocked with such an odd behaviour of the renowned journalist. Netizens were pretty angry with the racist behaviour of the lady towards the Hispanic workers.

Everyone claimed that there is a free country, language is not a barrier. Ordinary people were so angry that they claimed to suspend the journalist and shut down her TV app. 

What Action was taken by WSMN in the incident Karen radio host fired?

WSMN, in reaction to the story, claimed that the broadcasting channel doesn’t support anything related to Racism. They have always supported freedom of speech, expression, and also assembly. If any journalist support racism, hatred, and discrimination, they will not tolerate it.

The response of the host toward the criticism?

Diana Ploss was condemned for the viral conversation. But, in reality, she took all the criticism as a badge of Honor. Instead of being apologetic, Diana’s response was rude and arrogant. Her response was as if she was mocking the entire reaction towards the incident. (Karen radio host fired)

What we learned from the story of Karen radio host fired? 

Journalists, Radio hosts are public figures. We, as ordinary people, follow them as our ideal as they spread a social message. Journalists or radio hosts have immense power in their hands. They communicate with people through mass media. If they started sharing hatred, racism, and discrimination globally, we might end up in a third world war. 


The United States of America is infused with an enormous number of immigrants. Therefore, speaking a different language, culture is prominent. Increasing racism is the reason behind ascending tension between the immigrant and native people. This inhuman behavior needs to be stopped. We are human not, animals.

Our ability to think is what makes us social animals. Spreading hatred in terms of Racism, discrimination is like making our soul vulnerable. We are a society, and as an integral part of society, we need to accept people of different races, cultures, norms, and countries. We have to take care that no case happens like the like incident of Karen radio host fired.

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