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What Luxury Watches Are About: The Maurice Lacroix Brand

There are a few reasons for buying luxury watches. One is to give yourself some sort of indication. This is to show how far they have come in this world. Maurice Lacroix and other luxury brands are symbols of power, wealth, and status in the community.

Another is the appreciation for the craft and skill in watchmaking. Some are watch collectors, the appreciation of watches leads them to collect them as treasures. The admiration that is brought by the beauty of each timepiece is a very good reason.

Luxury watches are given a significant reason for their prices. They differ from ordinary watches and you can tell them apart. Watches last decades and decades with of course proper care and keeping it always in a good condition.

Keeping History in a Timepiece

For 40 years and counting, Maurice Lacroix watches have been producing their state-of-the-art workshops in Saignelegier. An internationally operating company known as Desco von Schulthess Company launched Maurice Lacroix in 1975.

In the mountains of Swiss Jura, several timepieces were manufactured for several name brands of watches. The private signatures are embedded on the dial, case, and movement.

Brand Values

Watches made in Switzerland are of no doubt of excellent quality and to close perfection. This reputation was known all over the world for centuries now. Maurice Lacroix is one brand that fully understands this. The reason they continue to uphold this tradition and high standard of watchmaking craftsmanship.

The brand of Maurice Lacroix is no stranger to winning awards. Over a dozen major awards are presented to them from the past years. And only because of their full-proof formula of quality, reliability, determination, originality, and innovation.

Up to this date, Maurice Lacroix continues to seek fresh perspectives for customers to grasp their much-awaited success. “Success is a journey, not a destination”, this is the heart of the brand.

The Collection


From the Calypso line of the 1990s, Aikon follows the design language for the collection. The six polished “arms” are what stand out in the Aikon collection. Placed around the bezel and on the strap, consisting of five links, a similar design to an integrated bracelet. The watch comes in 42mm or 39mm in colors of blue to white and black.

The timepieces from Aikon went through years of perfecting. 2016 came with the quartz movement, after 2 years, the company released new and refined versions with automatic movements.


Elios from Maurice Lacroix Collection is known best for its somewhat retro design and attractive price. This watch is water-resistant to a pressure of 5atm. Elios watches are also powered by a Swiss quartz movement.

Elios watches are timepieces that are perfect for any occasion. This collection offers classic leather straps to trendy metal bracelets. This Maurice Lacroix collection has its men and women’s section, which means more choices, more fun!


Here’s one for the ladies out there! A fashionable collection from Maurice Lacroix for women. The Fiaba collection is feminine and slim, the watch shapes to the wearer’s wrist like liquid to the skin.

The “Rectangular” version displays a softly curved quadrilateral shape. This collection is both classic and contemporary. The rounded version shows tradition and sophistication which is no less found on the rectangular ones. The colors available are black, white mother-of-pearl, and silver.

Les Classiques

This collection is built on ample attention to detail and changeless design. This is how we know Les Classiques watches, precise and accurate, simple and refined. The collection caters to both men and women. Le Classiques comes in a wide variety of dial colors and with an authentic calf or even in crocodile strap or a high-quality metal bracelet.

Buying from Maurice Lacroix, from any collection, you can be sure that traditional Swiss techniques are used to create your timepieces.


As the spearhead of the brand, Maurice Lacroix, the Masterpiece collection is with brilliant complications and exceptional displays. Quite the eye-catcher, the Masterpiece collection is something to look out for because it always has something new to love about it.

For the collection, we have the Mysterious Seconds, Gravity, Retrograde Calendar, Skeleton, and more. Each model in this collection exhibits Maurice Lacroix’s approach to watchmaking. The brand makes use of the newest technological innovations. Always looking forward.


With the blending of creative ideas to design traditional craftsmanship comes Maurice Lacroix’s Pontos. This collection is Maurice Lacroix’s technically innovative display of timepieces.

The collection has been around for over 20 years and each element was improved or enhanced to deliver an upgraded usable and comfortable for you and how you look.

5 Maurice Lacroix Top Timepieces

1. Pontos S Extreme Black Dial Men’s Watch

A very tempting, “I’d buy that’’ kind of watch. The Pontos S Extreme Black Dial Men’s Watch is a black leather NATO strap watch that has a fixed alloy bezel. This top timepiece is perfect for all occasions. You can wear this timepiece from the daytime office to the night-time club party.

2. Masterpiece Phase De Lune Automatic Diamond Ladies Watch

As part of Maurice Lacroix’s Masterpiece collection, the Masterpiece Phase De Lune Automatic Diamond is a great find for the ladies. If you are looking for casual everyday wear and an evening formal party, you can have it all in this top timepiece.

The pink and white-colored strap is all genuine leather, and the mother-of-pearl dial with silver-tone hands makes this watch the perfect girl’s best friend. It is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and takes on water resistivity to 100 feet underwater.

3. Miros Date Silver Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch

The Miros Date Silver Dial Stainless Steel is a much safer day-to-day luxury watch to wear casually. This timepiece is simple and at the same time classy. You won’t regret buying this from Maurice Lacroix for it can be worn on any special occasion or celebration.

For the face now, where they use Arabic numerals for the positions of 12, 9, and 6 with minute markers around its rim. The case measures 40mm in diameter and is as thick as 8.4mm. This watch can dive deep to 100 meters, which lets you enjoy your underwater activities.

4. Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic Black Dial Watch

A timepiece that is already a beautiful jewel will also excite you with its incredible features that you would not expect. And by the way, this watch is unisex.

The watch has different variations. First is the silver-tone 18kt of the white gold case that goes with the black leather alligator strap. Just by looking at the watch, it gives you a clear message of elegance and pure class. The watch is also a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

5. Les Classiques Tradition Automatic Black Dial Ladies Watch

Having a little bit of gold and a dash of silver, this luxury watch will complete your formal attire. This top timepiece is a luxury style watch that is perfect for an evening of champagne and wine. It has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a fold-over clasp for safety release.

The Tradition Automatic Black Dial for ladies from the Les Classiques collection is water-resistant of up to 100 feet. Its 38-hour power reserve is one of the reasons to buy this watch. The case is in an oval shape at 38mm.

Reason for a Maurice Lacroix Success

Having extensive knowledge of watchmaking is a huge step up from other brands and is the most essential key to a watch company’s success. The art of watchmaking is as hard as any form of art there is. The process is to be mastered and polished throughout the century.

Another is being skillful in this craft. This will go well together with your extensive knowledge of watchmaking. You have to know how to use the tools in your hands because reading and knowing how to use them is not enough.

Maurice Lacroix is known for the quality it protects in each timepiece they release. Quality is part of the company’s values that is proven within their products. Knowing that the brand has their sense of quality, commits to producing top of the line timepieces is a confident purchase for anyone wanting a watch.

Time Out

Luxury watches are the most impressive accessory you can attach to yourself. It reflects something about you when perceived by anyone. Not everyone can afford a luxury watch, but one can always enjoy their beauty to be inspired for a greater goal.

As astounding as it seems, watches from Switzerland are the best so far. Yes, there are others, but it always has been Swiss watches that never let down their customer when buying timepieces. In Switzerland, they have their own workshop and factories for their watches. They do not take this art lightly, and that will always be a standard.

Doing background checks on your favourite watch brands is recommended. It is a good start when planning to buy a luxury watch. You can pinpoint all the good parts and do not miss out on the bad parts. Compare and collect more information and reviews.

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