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What Are the Different Types of Airplanes?

Did you know that nearly 2.9 million people fly on an airplane daily? Flying is a method of travel that helps people get from one place to another without having to drive for hours. It is easy, fast, and economical.

Knowing the different types of airplanes can help you when you fly in the future. Read on to learn about the different types of aircraft you might see when you fly.

Piston Aircraft

These are a type of aircraft that utilizes an internal combustion engine. This is to turn a propeller or create thrust. The most common kind of piston aircraft are single-engine, propeller-driven airplanes.

These aircraft types are used for general aviation and range from training to business and personal aircraft. Piston aircraft are typically lighter and less expensive than other aircraft types. This offers a combination of speed, efficiency, and reliability, making them appealing to many pilots.

Piston aircraft can typically fly for several hours before refueling. They have the advantage of operating from shorter runways than other aircraft.

They are also quite versatile, able to take off for a short tour to a neighboring town or turn around and log several hundred miles in one flight.

Narrow Body Aircraft

It can accommodate between 100 and 240 passengers depending on the specific model. These planes are typically used for short-haul flights where speed and size are critical.

Short-haul flights may include domestic services between major urban airports or flights to vacation spots. Examples of narrow-body aircraft include the Boeing 737, the Airbus 320, the Embraer 170/190, and the Bombardier Q400.

They are less expensive to operate than wide-body aircraft. Narrow-body aircraft also have superior fuel efficiency when compared to wide-body aircraft. It makes them attractive to airlines committed to reducing their environmental footprint.

Commuter liners

Commuter liners have a high flight efficiency compared to other types of airplanes. The size of commuter liners ranges from 2-50 seats. They are ideal for short-distance travel and domestic operations.

Commuter liners have an excellent safety record and are more economical than other aircraft types. They can fly at lower altitudes than larger jets. They are suitable for routes with low ceilings or height restrictions.

Commuter liners can also fly slower. It makes them less susceptible to turbulence, reduced noise, and better fuel economy than larger jet-like aircraft.

Wide Body Airliners

Wide-body airliners are giant airplanes in the sky. They are designed to transport a vast number of passengers between long-distance destinations. These usually come in two standard types – the double-decker and the single-decker.

The double-deckers feature two cabins and can carry up to 400 passengers. At the same time, the single-deckers can hold up to 200 passengers. Wide-body airliners are used mainly by significant airlines to service large metropolitan areas.

The wide-body airliners provide more comfort and legroom to passengers and are typically used for longer flights. They are also the most fuel-efficient aircraft in the aviation industry.


Airbus is a world-renowned aircraft manufacturer. One of their most famous aircraft is the A320 family, a series of passenger aircraft that come in various sizes and components.

The A300 and A310 two-engine jets are also part of the giant Airbus fleet. Along with commercial aircraft, Airbus also produces the A400M Atlas military transporter, a four-engine turboprop aircraft used for transporting troops and supplies.

Lastly, the VSR700 helicopter is another addition to the Airbus family. It is a prototype flying testbed designed to explore opportunities for unmanned aircraft systems. All in all, Airbus’ aircraft range from small personal planes to large military jets, showing the diversity of the Airbus lineup.


A Concorde is a supersonic passenger aircraft that can fly up to almost twice the speed of sound. It was developed in the late 1950s and entered service in 1976. It can fly from London to Sydney in a little over twelve hours.

The Concorde is the most famous supersonic passenger plane developed by the British and French governments. It is a jet-powered aircraft with four engines.

Military Aircraft

Military aircraft are used for a range of missions, including:

  • surveillance
  • combat
  • transport
  • search and rescue
  • reconnaissance

These planes come in various forms, from bomber planes to fighter jets and helicopters. Bomber planes are typically slower, large, and heavily armored. Their primary mission is to deliver robust, long-range air strikes using high-powered missiles and bombs.

Fighter jets are specially designed for air combat to engage in aerial combat with other planes. Helicopters are also seen in military operations as they are highly maneuverable. They are good at carrying smaller payloads than heavier bomber planes.

They are typically used for surveillance, search and rescue, transportation, or hostile combat cases. There are also more specialized types, such as:

  • trainer planes
  • electronic warfare aircraft
  • strategic reconnaissance aircraft


One of the different types of airplanes in aviation is Fighter Aircraft; they are classified as military aircraft designed for aerial combat against other aircraft with guns, bombs, or missiles. Fighter aircraft were most famously used in World War II, providing air superiority for their respective sides and helping to win the war.

In addition to superior technology and advanced weapons, fighter pilots are highly skilled in coordination and maneuverability. The most common fighter aircraft in world use are the F-16 Fighting Falcon and the F/A-18 Hornet. Although both models are superior in air superiority, they are each used for different purposes.

The F-16 is mainly used as an air superiority fighter, though it is also used in the ground-attack role. The F/A-18 is considered a multi-role fighter, able to engage in attack, reconnaissance, and air-to-air combat. Other notable fighter aircraft include the F-35 Lightning II, the Eurofighter Typhoon, and the Russian Su-35.

Water Bomber

Water bombers, also known as aerial firefighting aircraft, are designed explicitly for air-to-ground firefighting. These aircraft are typically equipped with large tanks that can be filled with water or fire retardant, then released in the affected areas.

In addition to water bombers, many aircraft types are used for air-to-ground firefighting. Among those are helicopters, amphibious aircraft, single-prop planes, float planes, and multi-engine turboprop planes.

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Understanding the Different Types of Airplanes

In conclusion, many different types of airplanes exist, ranging in size and purpose. Researching the many types of aircraft available is essential for those looking to get the most out of their aviation experience. Talk to an aviation expert today to find the perfect fit for your needs!

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