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What Are the Causes of Construction Accidents?

Do you want to work in the construction industry?

Several people work in the construction industry. However, it can be dangerous. The construction accident rate is high.

Even if you aren’t working in the construction industry, you can still get injured. Because construction accidents are common, you should learn the causes of them. Doing so will help prevent them from occurring.

In this article, we’ll share some causes of construction accidents. Keep reading to learn more!

Let’s get into it!

Tripping Hazards From Construction Materials and Debris

Working in construction sites, there are usually piles of materials, equipment, and debris that can cause workers or passers-by to trip and sustain an injury. For instance, exposed nails, tools, and electrical cords can cause falls.

Additionally, an uneven surface due to materials and debris can lead to a sudden fall that can cause serious bodily harm. Careless placement of signage or scaffolding can also be a tripping hazard.

Missing Guards or Protections on Power Tools

One of the primary causes of construction accidents is missing guards or protections on power tools. This is especially pertinent on job sites that involve aspects of carpentry, as power tools are often used in the field to complete tasks.

Without guards or protections, workers can easily get too close to the blades and become injured as a result. Additionally, when saws or drills don’t come with guards, the user can also experience vibration or shock if contact is made with a live wire.

Unsafe Equipment

Employers or workers are often at risk of operating uninspected or faulty machinery, tools, and equipment as proper maintenance may not always be conducted, and even more so with rented materials and tools. In addition, the lack of labeling, wearing the wrong safety gear, or not wearing any at all, can contribute to the dangerous environment of a construction site.

Heavy machinery like excavators, ditch diggers, dozers, and backhoes present a high risk to workers if misused or maintained poorly. Employees who are not adequately trained to use the machinery can operate them recklessly, potentially causing accidents. View the Kubota parts catalog to get more ideas for the parts you need!

Unsafe Property Conditions

This includes things such as leaving loose material or other unsafe items around the site, not properly securing construction equipment, or failing to follow safety protocols. Unsafe conditions can lead to tripping hazards, slips, falls, and electrocutions.

Poorly stacked materials can also collapse and lead to fatal injuries. Poorly stored hazardous chemicals can also create an environment where workers may become exposed to hazardous substances.

Top Causes of Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can have tragic consequences, both for the workers and their families. The most important cause of construction accidents is a lack of safety training and proper safety equipment.

Employers should continually strive to provide a safe working environment and employees must be responsible for following safety protocols to ensure they can work safely. Construction sites require extra care and attention to ensure safety in all aspects of the job.

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