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What Are the Best Garage Expansion Ideas?

Do you think your garage is in need of a fixer-upper? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. 89% of Americans want to improve their garage space and make it into something their neighbors would envy.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to renovate your garage, this is it! Extra space in your home is never a bad thing, especially if you have hobbies that need the room.

But how do you go about expanding your garage without ruining your garden or your home’s overall appearance? This article covers some garage expansion ideas to inspire your renovation plans. Read on to find out more and discover some garage designs.

Car Lift

Renovating a garage is an ideal solution to add extra room. However, some offer limited surrounding space for expansion. If you want to optimize space without modifications, install a car lift.

Vehicles, tools, and other junk often take up floor space. Although customary, this prevents you from maximizing the room. It leaves out an overhead space between the ceiling and the car top.

With car lift garage designs, you can keep your car off the floor without knocking down the walls. You can also use the lift as a convenient platform to store large and bulky items, such as ladders and canoes.

Bump-Out Addition

How much space do you need to store another vehicle? Depending on the available land, you can extend your garage forward, backward, or sideways. A bump-out addition is one way to expand your parking space.

The extension may or may not equate to a parking space. A bump-out addition costs less compared to other garage renovations. It is more affordable because you only need to extend the space as needed.

Wrap-Around Extension

If you need extra width for your garage, a wrap-around extension is the best option. This is a combination of side and rear extensions forming an L-shape.
Many property owners think this type of expansion needs a large space.

However, this is a misconception as it is efficient in using space. A wrap-around extension creates enough room without taking up much of your backyard space.

As it extends to the side and rear, you get enough extra square footage for your garage. However, going for this option can cost a large sum of money. One example of renovation costs is applying a garage floor coating to extended areas.

Looking for floor coating services? Check it out here. Aside from expensive costs, planning and building permits for the project are necessary.

Add a Bay Window

Despite being a small expansion, adding a bay window can increase property value. It adds depth and dimension to a cramped space, making it one of the best garage extension ideas.

Like a bump-out addition, a new bay window provides enough room for another vehicle. You can also be as creative as you want.

You can opt for an angled bay or a walk-out bay. Because it’s a small expansion, the cost is less than other options. Contact your local zoning authority and ask if you need permits to do so.

Rear Garage Extension

Like a wrap-around, a rear garage extension allows you to expand your square footage. Many homeowners often opt for this to bring key areas into one wide space. Although it creates a new room, choosing this idea costs less than wrap-around.

Planning permission requirements may depend on the amount of land you plan to use. If you extend it by a few square footage, building permits are unnecessary. You can check your development rights or contact your local zoning authority.


If you have enough funds to renovate a garage, consider building a second story. It offers a larger space that you can use to store all equipment, machines, and other household items. With this style, you can keep your vehicles on the first floor and the tools on the second floor.

Aside from using it as an extra storage unit, you can convert the space into another living space. You can make it a home office, a workshop area, or a bedroom. Further, a double-story garage extension increases property value and boosts curb appeal.

Extra Room

If you have the budget, you can add a whole new room to your garage. There are many ways you can put the project to good use, like:

Storage Room

One of the reasons for garage expansion is to create extra storage. Aside from protecting the vehicle, homeowners often keep other items in this space. It fills the room with clutter.

With an extra room, you can store large items and supplies in one space. Assigning places for things keeps your home neat and prevents accidents.

Home Theater

Are you a fan of watching movies, series, and shows? Use the extra room in your garage to convert it into a home theater. With a limited source of light, you can enjoy the film in a cinema-like environment.

If you want to increase property value, use high-quality blackout blinds. Invest in a quality home theater and sound system.


Aside from storage, many homeowners convert the extra room in their garage into a gym. They put in exercise tools and equipment, such as a treadmill and resistance band.

A home gym helps you save on membership fees. This also provides privacy, allowing you to enjoy your workouts in peace. When renovating the garage, ensure it has enough ventilation and quality enforced floor.

Hobby Room

As a homeowner, you have limitless options for converting the extra room. If you have any hobbies or interests, you can turn this space into the environment you need.

For instance, you love playing table tennis with your family. Arrange the space for playing, put the table in the center, and choose storage for other equipment. You can even add a personal refrigerator for convenience.

Garage Expansion Ideas to Try

Although its purpose is to store vehicles, a garage contributes to property value. Some use it to keep other items, as an extra room, and as a workshop space.

For increased storage, space, and property value, consider extending the room. You can refer to our list of garage expansion ideas for your renovation project. If you’re planning a home renovation project, check out our other blog posts for more ideas.

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