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What Are the Best Caterpillar Generators?

Generators come in different sizes to handle various jobs. Small portable generators keep a workstation running, and large generators keep buildings running. The price also fluctuates according to the power needed over a specific period of time.

So how do you find the right generator for your needs?

You start by looking at the top names in generators. This guide will share the best Caterpillar generators and types of generators.

Caterpillar Generators for DIY

Caterpillar has three DIY models that are inverter generators. The CAT INV1250, INV2000, and INV2250. These small generators are ideal for a couple of tools or computers.

The popular CAT INV2000 runs at 1800 Watts and uses up to 2250 Watts for starting. The duration of power provided can be around 8-hours. Common uses include camping, tailgating, do-it-yourself projects, and small tools at job sites.

Inverter generators are quiet. The CAT INV2000 has a decibel (dB) range of 52-61 dB, making them ideal for sensitive campsites and offices. The total harmonic distortion (THD) that can impact sensitive equipment is only at 3% THD.

For reference, that is quieter than a normal conversation. The National Park Service certified CAT INV2000 for noise. This clearance makes it useable in National Campgrounds.

The CAT RP3600 Series

The CAT RP3600 is ideal for RV use. This series of generators are for portable and outdoor power. Most are about 15% THD.

The RP3600 is an entry-level generator. It offers 4500 watts of starting power and 3600 watts of continuous power.

The top-end RP7500 E offers 9,375 watts of starting power with an electric start. The model name designates its running power.

Most generators in this family of products use a pull-start. The electronic start uses a heavy-duty lithium-ion battery. The battery recharges during use.

This family of generators is ideal for RV camping and job sites. They are portable enough to move. They also are powerful enough to keep many pieces of equipment operational.

CAT Diesel Generator Sets

These are the big boys in generators. Most keep an entire home or office functional during power outages. While some mount on trailers, most are not portable.

The diesel generators have 6 to 14,040 kW (7.5 to 17,550 kVA) of potential power output. The generators meet world-class standards and are global emissions compliant. They function at a level of high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Used CAT Generators

For those needing large generators, used Caterpillar generators might be a solution. The pricing of most large generators is according to the hours used. This allows for cost-effective purchases.

If you have a specific budget for an office generator, buying a used one can stretch your dollars.

Let’s say the cost to buy a new generator that runs your building at 50% during an outage meets your budget. When looking at the best generators, a used one running your building at 80% might also fit your budget.

Make Your Selection

There are high-quality Caterpillar generators for every size job. From DIY generators to portable to diesel that keeps buildings functional.

You can also consider used Caterpillar generators to save money. Or, to increase the percentage of your office, you keep on during an outage.

Your next step is determining the right size Caterpillar generator for your needs. You might consider finding a generator contractor to help you. And, you can check out The Tech Diary for other articles on similar topics for more information.

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