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Why do you need a VPN for torrenting?

Privacy is of crucial concern for an individual because, without privacy, there is no point in one’s individuality. Even if people have all the liberty to display their life on social media, they act high and mighty when it comes to privacy, as one can’t pay privacy as the price for being on the Internet.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to ensure the use of VPN for torrenting. A Virtual private network (VPN) is a service that masks the Internet Protocol (IP) address so that the user’s online movements are untraceable by any server miles away. Without using a VPN, a user gives the browser complete access to keep track of his browsing activities.

Using a free VPN for torrenting worthy enough?

VPN is a must use if one uses public WIFI. Encryption of the WIFI network is important to protect the browsing details from evil eyes and criminal databases. VPN creates a private network out of the public network.

A Virtual private network has complete access to the IP address, the browsing details and can track the user. So, before using a free VPN for torrenting, one must validate all the credibility of the VPN. Otherwise, they may end up giving confidential and significant data to the service providers or, more dangerously, the cyber fraudsters.

A free VPN for torrenting provides an encrypted server for internet connection and gives access to the treasure trove of your essential information.

Why Use VPN for torrenting?                 

Torrenting refers to downloading and uploading the file via the Bit Torrent network that is from the device of the user in that network instead of the central server. Though declared illegal in some countries, Torrenting is not unlawful unless a copyrighted file has been used. For safe use of torrent, without inviting self-trouble, VPN for torrenting is a must.

Why Use VPN for torrenting? 

To get access to banned torrent websites-

With the use of a VPN, any internet user can easily access many websites that were earlier restricted to him by his Internet service provider or even the government. Through a VPN, one’s IP address gets changed, and a private connection is established, which can help him access any country’s websites.

To get better safety and security –

Using a VPN for torrenting or cyber security is a better, safer, and more secure option to use torrent files or websites. By getting yourself connected to a highly encrypted internet connection hidden to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), you can protect yourself from being monitored by various agencies or getting your data misused. 

To be Anonymous to the Internet service provider –

One of the most common reasons for using a VPN is to remain hidden in the eyes of Internet providers, governments, or various other agencies. Through a VPN, all your activities are routed through a virtual and highly encrypted passage, or in other terms through the VPN’s private servers. This not only gets you access to various restricted sites and files but also keeps your identity hidden.

To get a wider range of options for streaming and downloading –

When it comes to torrenting, VPN can prove to be your best friend as it not only can get you access to the restricted websites in your country or region but can also provide you a path for websites of other countries. The use of a VPN for torrenting can ensure a highly safe and secure path for uploading and downloading files throughout the world.

Downsides of using a VPN for torrenting:-

There are many reasons to use VPN for torrenting, but there are also certain drawbacks one should be careful about. VPNs are an ever-so-appealing service and have a lot more benefits in comparison to the downsides, but one should keep in mind the following while using a VPN:-

Reduces internet speed and increases data consumption –

One of the major drawbacks of using a VPN for torrenting is it can reduce the speed of your internet connection and, at the same time, can increase your data consumption by 20%.

It doesn’t provide guaranteed access to everything-

With VPN services being banned in many countries and by my websites, it is impossible to reach them by using VPNs. Through various VPN blocking software, VPN users’ use or entry in these countries or websites is completely restricted. 

VPN for torrenting- a larger vision:-

Analyzing the reasons to use a VPN and reasons to refrain from using a VPN, one could clearly state that using a VPN is the most lucrative alternative available, simultaneously being careful about the use of free VPNs. Using a free or bogus VPN service can be dangerous as a major income source is selling internet activities to various agencies.

By providing an encrypted server for your internet connection, they can easily access all your actions on the internet or even your private information. To avoid this serious problem, using paid and trustworthy VPNs are recommended.

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