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Vlineperol Journey from Bartender to Influencer: Aline Tongkhuya

Aline Tongkhuya aka Vlineperol has an interesting story. She went from being a bartender, where she used to make drinks and chat with people in a busy bar, to someone who shares her life with lots of followers on social media.

She’s become what you call an influencer. This change wasn’t just about switching jobs. It was about using her skills to fit in and stand out online.

In this article, we’re going to tell you about how Aline changed from making drinks to making posts that people love, and how she became a new, fun voice that people really enjoy in the busy world of social media.

Early Life and Background of Vlineperol

On Instagram, Aline Tongkhuya goes by the name Vlineperol. She is popular as an influencer and bartender in Fresno, California. She gathers a following of over 3000 people. She shares not only her life behind the bar but also cocktail recipes and tips for bartending. This article delves into the life of Vlineperol. It explores her job, lifestyle, and more. Continue reading to gain comprehensive insight into all aspects of Vlineperol’s world.

Vlineperol  Passion and Entry into the Bartending World

Marked by her sheer determination, Aline entered the bartending world. She started as a barback and rose up. She mastered the basics and immersed herself in the rich world of mixology. Although her journey had many challenges. But, it was Aline’s passion that conquered them all. She forged ahead without wavering.

After graduating from a college in Clovis, CA, Vlineperol began her bartending journey. She started as an active barback at Modernist. Even as she began in 2017, they were still constructing the establishment. Under Bernard Phelan’s tutelage, she honed her skills. At twenty-five, Aline earned a promotion to Bar Manager by 2021.

In her role as the Bar Manager at Modernist, she leads a team of 10 bartenders and barbacks. Her duties include managing records. She also crafts staff schedules. This task ensures fair work distribution. She assigns tasks with care to maximize service efficiency. Also, she must ensure great customer service.

Also, this shows the establishment’s seamless collaboration. She works with kitchen staff. Together, they plan to integrate cocktails into dining. This sets Modernist apart from its competitors.

Instagram account of Vlineperol

Vlineperol’s Instagram account showcases images and videos. They illustrate her role as a bar manager at Modernist, an upscale cocktail bar in downtown Fresno. She uses stunning visuals. They introduce the complex art of mixology to her followers. She also captures exciting scenes from bars across the city.

Name: Aline Tongkhuya

Username: @vlineperol

Instagram Description: Bar Manager @modernistfresno

Signature Drinks at Modernist

Aline Tongkhuya (@vlineperol) is the Bar Manager of Modernist. She has added her signature to the cocktail menu by introducing many unique drinks.

Cocktail Name Description
The Hopscotch Aline’s popular creation featuring amaretto, honey-ginger shrub, and grapefruit juice, topped with a thyme sprig. Tart and herbaceous.
White Panda A tiki-inspired cocktail combining coconut rum, orgeat, and lychee juice for a sweet and tropical flavor profile, topped with toasted coconut flakes.
Let’s Get Figgy A smooth and complex sipper made with fig-infused bourbon, walnut liqueur, and maple syrup, garnished with a charred lemon twist.

Mixology Skills of Vlineperol

Vlineperol followers can unearth new cocktail recipes. They get guidance on a wide range. It covers ideal juice pairings and careful glassware selection. In each post, she explains their flavors and uses. She highlights certain ingredients. They are how she adds vibrant color to the mix.

Her audience sees the beauty of handmade cocktails. They see it through stunning photos and videos. She features unique garnishes, preparations, and presentations. Her creativity shines: they make drinks that are visually appealing and creatively crafted. Aline inspires mixology fans. She advocates turning passion into a respected job.

Vlineperol Journey from Artist to Bartender Begins

Vlineperol Journey from Artist to Bartender Begins

Aline was grappling to find a graphic design job after college. She took part-time bartending work for money, despite having no prior experience in this field. Yet, she was bolstered by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and adaptation.

She found real enthusiasm for mixology: an art that goes beyond mere cocktail-making. In her free time, Aline did experiments and rigorous studies. She focused on the basics of bartending.

  • During the novice phase, Aline bartended due to financial need. But, she found an intrinsic love of customer service. She also grew to appreciate the creativity demanded behind the bar.
  • Aline transitioned to the student phase. She studied spirits, methods, and tools under a seasoned restaurant bartender. She also earned trust in this phase. She was tasked with creating drink specials. Her contribution strengthened her basic knowledge. It also marked key progress in skill growth.
  • Aline is advancing to the leader phase. She earned a promotion as Head Bartender. In this role, she excelled at training new recruits and built an esteemed bar program.

This phase solidified Aline’s confidence and passion. She used it to share her mixology expertise. This turned bartending into a full-time career a viable one at that.

Aline became head bartender in a year. Her skill in crafting unique drinks and unmatched hospitality made the venue popular. By 2019, she had fully immersed herself in freelance bartending. She secured gigs for events, pop-up ventures, and even teaching classes. These were all part of her versatile portfolio.

Aline’s Signature Cocktails

The signature cocktails Aline Tongkhuya has crafted over the years serve as a central component of her identity. She is willing to take risks. She can balance adventurous ingredients. These traits shine through in her original recipes.

  • The Vlineperol is a mezcal-based cocktail. It has a smoky flavor. This flavor is balanced with vermouth and boosted by celery bitters. The addition of a black lava salt rim infuses an earthy profile that is both herbal and salty.
  • The Fresno Mule is a mix of local chili vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. It’s garnished with a serrano chili. It has a bright, spicy taste with peppery undertones.
  • Ancho chili liqueur, tequila, and citrus juices mingle in the Spicy Margarita. It has a smoky flavor with tangy citrus notes. Its slow-building heat adds intrigue. The drink is elegantly served: rimmed with chili lime.

At first, the Vlineperol catapults Aline to fame. She masters taste and crafts a brand identity. It is visually shown through her persona and the striking black rim. Through strategic name association with her unique image. Indeed, Aline introduces and popularizes this concept. People are captivated by Aline’s drinks. They are a masterful mix of familiar yet surprising parts. They send taste buds on unforgettable journeys.

Aline Tongkhuya Online Presence

While working at the restaurant bar, Aline Tongkhuya used social media. She shared cocktail tutorials on YouTube. She embraced the nickname “Vlineperol”. It underscored her focused efforts. She was promoting unique recipes linked to a strong identity.

  • Over half a million viewers have subscribed to her YouTube channel. More than 25 million people have watched her. She collaborates on alcohol labels, it shows how much authority she has.
  • Aline has over 2.1 million subscribers on TikTok. She has gotten over 1.5 billion views. Her content includes over 100 viral flair bartending videos. It also has many others. Each of these has over one million views.

Aline showcases her knowledge on YouTube through tutorials and collaborations. She uses the platform’s vast reach. She shows her smooth drink-mixing on TikTok. This art gets many likes and shares.

It’s a stage for her, where she displays her creative skill. Social media is great. It gives Aline both creative freedom and chances to make money. She values these benefits a lot.

Notable Accomplishments

Vlineperol has earned several prestigious titles and awards:

Competition Year Achievement
Patron Perfectionists Top 40  2023 Aline was selected as one of the Top 40 bartenders in the US by Patron tequila, recognizing her creativity, accuracy, and presentation skills.
AOI Top 3 2023 Aline achieved 3rd position overall at the Annual Olympia International (AOI) bartending competition, surpassing hundreds of competitors from around the world.
Tanteo Tequila MSO West Region Winner 2022 Aline won the Tanteo Tequila Regional Competition for the Mountain States and West region, showcasing her exceptional bartending skills and performance.

Her flagship Vlineperol recipe has been in major industry publications. It catapulted Aline to cocktail fame. In 2020, she won the title of California’s Best Bartender. It showed her skill and competition success. Millions engage with her online posts.

Aline spreads accessibility in the cocktail world. She inspires future generations. Global brands work with Aline on product development and events. They showcase her influence in the industry. She also volunteers to expand opportunities for marginalized groups while championing diversity.

Esteemed mixologists expect that Aline’s innovation stretches boundaries. They see it as a force that will enrich their craft by removing barriers for women and people of color. This will enable their unique voices to contribute.


Aline Tongkhuya’s creativity and welcoming nature are well-known. She is a rising star in the bartending world. Her artistic background propelled her forward. She discovered mixology. It became a passion that led to creations like the Vlineperol cocktail. She shares her recipes and flair on social media.

She aims to be inclusive. Indeed, inspiring others is at the heart of all she does. Aline has mixology skills and innovative recipes. She inspires and guides aspiring mixologists. Local ingredients form the backbone of her creativity. This is clear in signature drinks like Hopscotch and White Panda. Millions admire her on YouTube and TikTok.

They see her passion for, and mastery of, mixology. It’s an art that Aline will influence for generations to come. Aline advocates for diversity. Her competition achievements underscore her dedication to excellence and inclusivity in bartending.

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