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Invoicing app that helps you in getting paid fast – Most useful apps for startups

Today starting a new business is all thanks to the modern applications that you can get for free on your mobile phones. If you want to start a new business or a startup plan, you need to have the best applications.

There are more than hundreds of different apps on the Playstore for small businesses and startups. Still, in this post, we are going only to tell you about the most helpful ones. In this post, you will also find information about the best invoicing apps that can help you get paid faster. 

Best invoicing application for businesses and startups!

Invoicing is considered to be very important in a business. It is directly related to sales and purchases of the business. Manual invoicing can create a lot of mess. It is not always accurate, plus you should also know that it takes a lot of your time, effort and energy. Using the invoice maker app on your phone can help you save your time and expenses. 

Invoice Maker – Receipt & Billing app

This invoice maker mobile app is considered to be the best resource for all kinds of businesses. One should know that invoice maker is an all-in-one solution that you can use for creating invoices, estimates, totals, receipts and bills of all sorts. You also use this free invoice maker as your accounts manager. Some of the luxurious features of this invoice maker include:

  • The invoice creator is free to use.
  • You can download estimate creator and use it whenever you want.
  • You can personalize invoices for clients with the help of templates offered by the app.
  • You can share invoices electronically with your clients.
  • It helps you keep a record of all your payments and expenses.
  • It gives you alerts and reminders for the payments that you have to receive from your clients.
  • It makes project management and invoicing simple!

Must-Have Mobile Applications for startups in 2021

Starting and running a small business can be very difficult because it is both costly and effort consuming. But if you use the best applications that we have mentioned in this section, you can easily save a lot of your time, effort, and money. So without any delay, let us dig into the details of the best options.

Rescue Time

As the name of the application tells us, it has something to do with saving time. Rescue time is a management application that runs in your device’s background and tracks all your activities. This tracking determines how much product you have been throughout the day. At the end of each day, the application would send you a complete report which would tell you what activities wasted your time and how you can better manage your time. It is considered to be the best time management application for android users.


Slack is a very commonly used and important messaging application that can help your startup plan. This application is a project management resource that can help you organize your work and split it into different channels. With slack, you can easily assign projects to your team members and take regular updates on the progress. 


Mint is another online application that would help you in your small business or startup plan. This financial management application can help you keep a check and balance on your financial accounts. You can keep track of all of the sales, expenses and overheads. It is one of the simplest applications for the bill and financial management. 

Good Hire

When it comes to starting and growing a startup, hiring the right people for your team is very important. If you don’t have the right people in your team, you will end up losing your resources and eventually fail. Good hire helps you get the perfect team in no time at all. You can test the skills and knowledge of applicants before hiring them in your team with the help of this application. This digital hiring app can save a lot of your time and effort. 

Up work

Up work is a very famous application that connects clients with freelancers. Sometimes when you are starting a new business, you don’t have to hire permanent employees. You can hire freelancers on a project basis and save a lot of expense wasted in regular hiring. You can also connect with an independent contractor and manage the project within a certain time limit.

Sales Loft

If you want to find more customers for your business, then you should probably get this application. This application is going to help you boost the effectiveness and efficiency of sales of your company. If you are running a digital startup and want the phone and email to keep ringing for sales, you should probably go for this app. 

These are some of the applications which are important for all kinds of new startups and small businesses!

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