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4 Ways To Use Visual Marketing To Grow Your Brand

Visual marketing requires the use of media such as photos, infographics, videos, signs, logos, and much more. Generally, human beings are visual as they tend to register information better when aided with graphics.

With visual marketing, you can design engaging and interesting posts that enhance communication and engagement between your consumers and your brand. Your goal shouldn’t only be for your ad to be seen, but to also trigger action through clicking the post, downloading an offer, or making a purchase.  

Having excellent visual media requires designing quality content to boost customer engagement in England. If you don’t have the necessary talent in your organization, you can hire design agencies in Bristol to do the visual content for you.  

To give you more insights into visual marketing, this blog discusses four strategies you can leverage to boost your brand: 

#1. Conceptualize Your Images Well 

Effective visual marketing requires you to take advantage of the highly visual nature of your customers. When humans think, they create mental pictures in their minds. It’s easy for your brain to conceptualize shapes and colors better than numbers and texts.

You can visualize connections, associations, entities, and concepts. Good and quality visuals will make your brand recognizable and memorable, which can boost your conversions and click-through rate.  

Consider the following to have good visuals: 

  • Use a recognizable color palette.  
  • Package your brand within a creative context and in an interesting way.  
  • Ensure that every element of your visuals contribute to a single narrative you want to reveal about your brand.

On the other hand, avoid: 

  • Designing self-centered images.  
  • Overusing visuals.  

#2. Employ Bespoke Imagery 

The goal of bespoke imagery is to help you stand out from the crowd as these images are practical to help you flavor your content strategy. However, what you should know is that other businesses might be using the same stock image you’re using. So, as much as you can, avoid being too generic. You can make a better impact on your customers with unique visual content.  

That’s why this blog emphasizes that you invest resources to come up with professional imagery to make a solid and unique imprint of your brand in the mind of your customers. When you’re designing bespoke visuals, ensure they’re both engaging and enticing.  

Images of your work or your team, instead of generic images, can help you to humanize and personalize your brand.

Visual Marketing To Grow Your Brand

#3. Have A Consistent Visual Identity 

The colors, imagery, and fonts you choose for your brand plays a major role in your general visual marketing strategy. Consistency helps your customers quickly identify your brand from the rest and create familiarity. Below are tips you can use to achieve consistency: 

  • Establish Brand Guidelines

This lays down a framework of the structure of your visual content such as colors, fonts, and imagery for your brand. Your design team should make use of this framework in creating content, whether on social media, website, blogs, email newsletters, and eBooks. This ensures uniformity in all your marketing efforts.  

  • Create Graphic Templates

You can design and use graphic templates to remove potential guesswork. With good software such as Canva and InDesign, you can create templates that ensure your visual content is cohesive each time. Templates are useful when you’re dealing with freelancers, large creative teams, or contractors.

  • Have A Color Scheme

A cohesive color scheme, whether a certain filter or a combination of colors, keeps your visual content aesthetically pleasing. Every post concerning your brand should fit into your chosen colors.  

#4. Optimize Your Video Content 

Poorly cropped video content and pixelated images can annoy people, so use a good tool that can make a professional video. Many consumers are willing to watch videos of your brand, so this may be an effective way of reaching your target audience. When using video content, take note of the following: 

  • Use captions so your customers won’t miss any part of your key message. 
  • Be clear and go straight to the point by having short videos only, unless your content is meant for IGTV, which can use videos up to 15 minutes.  
  • Resize your videos using a 4:5 ratio to boost engagement with mobile device users and get the attention of your audience.  


Digital marketing makes great use of visual content to a large extent. However, your visual content ought to be created professionally to achieve the right customer impression. If your visual content lacks creativity for uniqueness, it’d be difficult for your customers to identify your brand.

You should use good tools to optimize your content, create good templates for cohesiveness, and use bespoke imagery to help personalize your brand.

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