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How to use and Install Real Debrid on Kodi

Slow connections, buffering, and dead links are the major challenges facing online streamers globally. The issues have the developers’ attention, who thrive on inventing software and services which can offer better online streaming and quality links.

This has introduced multi-hoster services, a technology that allows users to download quality fast links.  The Real debrid device offers download, hosting, and high-end quality links on Kodi and other streaming devices.  The service doesn’t have any restrictions or buffering issues.

Real Debrid

Real Debrid is a unique multi-hoster premium service designed for streaming apps and devices. To provide quality fast streaming content (links). The service is referred to as an unrestricted downloader. Real debrid gives access to new, unique links, allowing users to select from a wide range of links.

It adds more sources to the already provided list.  Note Real debrid is not a Kodi addon but a service (downloader) to help provide better streaming services.  Real debrid is compatible with many Kodi addons and Firestick applications such as Exodus Redux, Venom, Cinema HD, Bee TV, and more.

Real Debrid account setting

  • Open the Real Debrid website portal.
  • Select the sing up option on the menu.
  • The system will send a confirmation email.
  • Next, activate the account and log in to the Real debrid website.
  • The page will send an OTP code.
  • Use the code to complete the registration process.
  • Select the subscription plan based on preference.
  • Now you can proceed to the setup process on Real Debrid.

How to install Real Debrid on the Kodi app

Kodi developers had designed different Kodi versions that work with various devices. One can install Real Debrid on their preferred Kodi version using any streaming device from Firestick, Mac, Android, and more.  Use the following steps to install Real debrid on your Kodi app.

  • Open the home screen menu and click the settings option.
  • Next, click the “basic” option until it turns to “advanced.”
  • Proceed and click “addons” followed by “manage dependencies.”
  • On the page, click URL resolver and enter configure option.
  • Continue and select “universal resolvers” >Real Debrid.
  • Select “priority “change the value to 90 instead of 100.
  • Ensure to click “OK” >configure >universal resolvers.
  • Go down to the Real debrid option and enable (RE) authorize my account tab.
  • The page will send a code to enter after you open the Real debrid website link.
  • Next, enter the code provided above and click the “allow” button.
  • The Kodi application should indicate a notification “URL resolver Real Debrid Resolver Authorized.”
  • Now you can enjoy fast streams on your device.

Real Debrid and VPN services

Real Debrid is believed to be safe and doesn’t require any VPN services. However, online streaming is risky and prone to data leakage, malware, surveillance, and other malicious activities. Streaming without protection exposes the user to government and ISP.  All activities are easily visible, making you an easy to get prey.

VPN saves online streamers legal battles and protects your data. There is a free and premium VPN service that a user can invest in and keep the details safe. VPN allows the user to access various servers without restrictions on locations and contents.

Types of addons supporting Real Debrid

The majority of Kodi addons work well with Real Debrid. However, there are a few which don’t allow for multi-hoster services. Below are some addons which are compatible with Real Debrid.

  • Covenant addon
  • Exodus Redux
  • Venom
  • Gurzil
  • Incrusion
  • Seren
  • Insanity
  • Monster Munch
  • More Power
  • Oculus
  • Supremacy
  • Uranus
  • Magic Dragon.

This is some of Kodi’s addons working smoothly with Real Debrid. The user can experience smooth streaming through Real debrid.  The service is best when paid since free real debrid is pretty limited.

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