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Guide To Understanding All About Internet Speed

You do not require to be an IT professional to appreciate the advantages of high-speed and uninterrupted internet offered by different types of internet connections. From quicker file downloads to swift music and video streaming, quick internet has evolved to become a basic necessity. 

Here’s a guide that will provide you with a fundamental understanding of the internet network concerning your usage and devices.

What’s an internet connection?

Slow loading times and delays in sending emails can be frustrating, especially in the context of business internet operations where efficiency is crucial. However, what’s the major reason behind this lag? Slow loading time can potentially infer you hold a slow internet network – how long it takes for a specific data amount to transfer to your electronic device from a server, measured in Mbps. So, whether you are streaming a Netflix show, attending a Zoom video conference, or downloading your songs, the speed of your internet network will determine how fast or slow these apps work.

How is your internet network measured?

Your internet speed is how long it takes for your data to transfer to your electronic device from the server through the router. Mbps (megabits per second) is the regular measurement of your internet speed. Mbps measures the degree to which the info is uploaded or downloaded from the internet network to distinct devices. Bandwidth refers to the information amount that is uploaded or downloaded per second, measured in Mbps. Broadband internet is what many ISP (internet service providers) offer now. This is a service having wider bandwidth over the high-speed internet network. 

The rate at which water flows is known as speed, and the quantity/amount of water that comes out from it is known as bandwidth. Holding a wider faucet permits more water to leave at a similar speed. Just think of a highway; this is an instance of bandwidth. If there are four lanes then four vehicles can move simultaneously at the same speed without blocking each other.

How fast do you need your internet connection to be?

Faster is better if it is with linked internet speed. There is a minimum standard set for broadband as 3 Mbps for upload and 25 Mbps for download in a few locations. However, it even depends on the number of devices that are used and whether they are used at the same time. 

Internet utilisation in terms of high, moderate, and light are – 

  • Light utilisation involve minimal function like web browsing, email, internet radio and video streaming. 
  • Moderate utilisation involves those fundamental functions in addition to high-demand utilities – video conferencing, HD video streaming, online gaming and other crucial functions required for the remote worker. 
  • High utilisation involves basic functions in addition to high-end demand utility running at a similar time. 

Internet service in reference to advanced, medium, and basic services are – 

  • Basic service refers to a speed of 3-8 Mbps, 1-2 users or electronic devices running at the same time, best for light usage. 
  • Medium service refers to 12-15 Mbps, best for moderate use for 2-3 users at the same time. 
  • Advanced services refer to 25 plus Mbps, best for moderate or high use. 

If you have a tablet, smartphone, computer and gaming or streaming service on your TV, that is already 4 devices for only one individual. In case, there are a lot of individuals, and then this means your home may also have a lot of electronic devices, which infers you require an account for an internet connection that may manage various devices with various activities – anything from virtual to gaming to meetings to social media – all of it happen simultaneously. 

Let’s have a look at distinct kinds of internet activities and internet speed required that you must be well-versed – 

  •       Student – 25 Mbps
  •       File downloads – 10 Mbps
  •       HD conferencing of videos – 6 Mbps
  •       Video streaming – 3-4 Mbps for standard, 5-8 Mbps for 4K, 5-8 Mbps for HD
  •       Remote employee – 25 Mbps
  •       Web browsing, email, and social media – 1 Mbps
  •       Gaming – 4 Mbps for online multiplayer and 3 Mbps for console

As per the guidelines, 100-120 Mbps is excellent for multiple devices or users. However, it may get even better with the upliftment of technology, and more Mbps will be added to the connection speed. Note that if you get around 500-1000 Mbps speed, you can do anything on multiple electronic devices with lightning speed, as many internet service provider commercial promotes. 

Why is the speed of your internet critical?

As internet speed sets parameters for all your online activities, it is crucial that it is at par to support your regular internet usage. Anywhere ranging from as less as 1 Mbps to 5,000 Mbps, you can select a plan that will match your requirements. However, it is advised that an excellent download speed is considered 100 Mbps, while a strong upload speed must be at least 10 Mbps. 

Is faster internet always a good option?

Higher internet speeds infer a faster upload and download. You will likely view that your internet network search pages are loaded faster, and your audio and movie downloads take only seconds with zero lag in connection. 

If you are curious about an ideal internet speed, you can search for an internet service provider online. With such information, you will see if you require increasing the speed of your internet or use your devices strategically so that you make the most out of a WI-FI network. Now, you may wonder – what is WI-FI

WI-FI is a facility that permits smartphones, computers, and various other electronic devices to connect with the internet network and communicate with each other wirelessly within a specific region.

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