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Uncovering the Tricks to Sell a House for a Bigger Profit

Property ownership isn’t something everybody is guaranteed in their lives. Some people will rent or live in government-subsidized housing. Individuals fortunate enough to be able to buy their own houses should always be thinking of ways to improve their property’s values.

Increasing value means homeowners can get more for their properties when it comes time to sell them. What is the point in owning something if you aren’t going to ensure that it retains its value (or increases in it)? This post will tell you all you need to know about maximizing your home’s value and selling it for a bigger profit.

Property Buying Companies

You can’t always get the price that you want for your property at least when you are selling to private individuals; sometimes people simply won’t pay the asking price even if it is reasonable. One easy way of getting the amount you want for your house is to work with a property-buying company.

Such companies will pay the real market value of your home, ensuring you are compensated a fair amount. If you bought your house more than five years ago it’s very likely you will make significantly more than you originally paid

Some people are apprehensive to work with these companies usually out of fear of being ripped off. According to one company that advertises themselves with the slogan ‘we buy houses in Mesa, AZ,’ you will get a fair price for your house; you don’t need to worry about being ripped off. Another good thing about these companies is that they tend to send payments quickly. You can get paid for your house in as little as a month.

Making External Upgrades

Making upgrades to the façade of your house can increase its value too. Sadly many homeowners are reluctant to make changes to their properties. More often than not people don’t want to make changes out of laziness; a lot of work goes into upgrading a house’s façade. One effective upgrade you can make is completely repainting your house. If your house’s paint looks tired and distressed then repainting it can give it new life. When people view it they will see a house that looks refreshed and beautiful rather than one that’s tired and has been forgotten about.

If your house has a yard then you may want to consider landscaping it. Landscaping your yard can add thousands of dollars to its value. A lot of people make the mistake of keeping their lawns’ trimmed and thinking that’s enough – it isn’t. Buyers want character features. A freshly landscaped yard can be considered a character feature.

You don’t have to landscape your yard yourself; in fact, most experts would recommend hiring a professional even if you’re willing to do the work independently. Without adequate training, there is no way you will be able to effectively landscape your yard.

Selling to Friends or Family

If any of your friends or family are interested in buying a house, why not try to sell them yours? Doing property dealings with one’s loved ones can be troublesome at times but as long as you do not overcharge them nothing should go wrong. When selling to friends and family make sure you make clear how much you want as if it’s likely they’ll try to haggle the price down and get a better deal out of you; never sell for less than your property’s real market value, no matter who’s buying it from you.

A lot of people selling to loved ones make the mistake of handling transactions privately, signing contracts themselves. Under no circumstances should you do this. No property deal should be conducted without a lawyer’s supervision.

The type of lawyer responsible for handling property transfers is a conveyancer. Making property deals without involving one could cause serious problems for you and your loved ones later on down the line. Unless any of you has training in property transfers there’s a strong chance that mistakes will be made. Property lawyers are usually very affordable to work with so there is no real reason not to hire one.

Property Buying Companies

Consider Going to Auction

If nobody’s interested in buying your house and there are no property-buying companies in your area then you can always sell it at auction. Selling a house at auction isn’t without its problems, however. Most people’s main complaint is that they do not get good enough prices. Part of the reason for this is that people only sell at auction when their house is in poor condition or is unsellable. It’s not typically somewhere people go when their houses are desirable; even so, if you look around carefully and set a minimum acceptable price you should be able to get a good deal.

Hiring A Qualified Realtor

Unless you sell to a property buying company the chances are you’ll see privately, with a realtor’s help. Selling privately can be the best way of getting a good price because interested buyers will bid, bumping up the value of your house significantly. You can sometimes get 5% or 10% more than your property’s market value just because buyers are bidding against each other. Unless you hire a qualified realtor, however, you will not be able to attract enough interest to spark a bidding war. Not all realtors are of the same caliber; some are better than others.

To find a qualified realtor the best thing you can do is ask around locally. In your town or city, somebody you know is bound to know about an experienced realtor committed to delivering a high-quality service. Never take somebody’s recommendation as gospel, however. Conduct your own research and always read a realtor’s reviews. Reviews can tell you a lot about a person. If a realtor has attracted nothing but negative reviews then it is a strong indication that they should be avoided. Negative reviews usually mean a person does not offer a quality service. 

When you want to sell your house, you have to try and get the best price for it. If you don’t then what’s the point in selling it anyway? Getting a good price for your property will mean you have more to spend on another when the time comes to buy again. It will also give you a larger savings pot to draw from if you experience financial hardship, which many people are at the moment.

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