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Top 6 Highest-Paying IT Career Options To Consider

Information technology isn’t an up-and-coming discipline; it has been the foundation of almost all business operations in the last several decades. Moreover, with the digital age firmly entrenched in humanity’s future, fiend for specific IT-related jobs will only continue to rise and overshadow almost all other career options.

Consequently, with demand far outpacing supply, those who dedicate their lives to this enormous and varied field will find themselves in high demand and, thusly, very well compensated. However, as with other jobs, some options tend to be more lucrative than others. This post will explore the six highest-paying careers open to intelligent candidates and why they are in such high demand worldwide.

Data Security Analyst

Security will always be in demand in the current destabilizing global environment. From protecting companies from an ever-increasing pool of script kids with their sights set on flexing their skills to murky state actors who want to steal, destabilize, and generally cause chaos for political or economic gain, one of the top priorities for most businesses is security. Therefore, it should be no surprise that a data security analyst is usually at or near the top of these lists.

Nonetheless, as security threats become increasingly more challenging to manage, only those with the highest levels of cyber security education, certification, and experience will rise to the profession’s upper echelons. This is because many of the threats facing businesses and other organizations have become so complex that only intuitive knowledge and a flexible mind can hope to get their foot in the door. Nonetheless, if this sounds like you and you are willing to gain the education necessary to keep nefarious actors at bay, working for a high-paying company will never be a problem.

Big Data Engineer

Big data used to be a buzzword used by marketing departments and journalists who needed clickbait titles to get eyes on their articles. However, it is now so ingrained in the way organizations of any stripe operate that it is no longer a mere buzzword and is now a necessity. Big data engineers create and maintain large-scale data processing systems that collect, store, organize, analyze, and visualize vast data stores to understand better how to use them for profitable ventures.

They are well-versed in the use of statistical methods, as well as machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence technologies, to identify trends and make predictions from large datasets. Although artificial intelligence is playing an increasing role in understanding vast swathes of data, it has always been present in this field and, for now, at least, poses no threat to human experts. In fact, many businesses will require these professionals to run their analytical tools and present their findings to those who ultimately make the decisions. Therefore, if you want to make the big bucks, you will need to hone your presentation skills alongside the more technical aspects.

Internet Of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect

Internet Of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect

The internet of things is another popular phrase that became popular during the mid-2000s. Although the internet-enabled toaster never really became a thing, IoT is actually far more ingrained in modern society than people think. As more and more appliances and brands begin to make use of this technology, demand for solution architects will increase. Already you can see brands, including Tesla and Google (and most of the tech behemoths), utilizing IoT to increase customer satisfaction and enable their customers to increase efficiency and productivity.

An IoT solutions architect involves developing and maintaining sophisticated networks for businesses that collect data from millions of connected devices. You’ll need to be skilled in programming languages such as Python and C++, data analytics (including machine learning algorithms), cloud computing (such as AWS or Azure), and distributed systems engineering, among others. Still, the payoff can be immense as you work your way up the ladder.

Computer And Information Research Scientists

The running theme through this post is the uptick in digital solutions intended to make businesses more efficient and individuals more productive. Therefore, one of the most profitable occupations for anyone who can research and develop new ideas, processes, products, and services that take advantage of the latest technology.

The most exciting aspect of this particular option is that you could find yourself in almost any industry imaginable that has a digital presence (note: it’s all industries!) For instance, you could find your services being required in anything from supply chain management for the world’s largest shipping companies to working alongside security experts in the fintech area. Nonetheless, while the pay is often in the six-figure range, the barriers to entry tend to be higher than in other professions, partly due to the complex and academic nature of the position.

Database Manager

Database Manager

This career path might sound like the most unexciting one on the list, but it’s arguably a very interesting option and offers a high degree of career progression. As with the last section, database managers are needed in many industries which require expertise to develop and maintain databases across networks. The only downside is that because this job has a more accessible entry requirement, more people can do it, thus depressing wages slightly. Nevertheless, it still has an above-average salary even for those starting, and the more qualified you become, the greater responsibilities and therefore pay you will receive.

ERP Integration Manager

Enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems have become extremely popular with businesses of all sizes since they encompass a large number of tasks and dramatically increase efficiency throughout a company. However, these systems can also be ferociously complex to set up and manage, requiring an expert who can understand the intricacies and extract the most from them. Moreover, these individuals need to be well-versed in project management so they can assist in developing strategic plans and handling day-to-day issues that might arise from regular operations. In some ways, this errs more on the side of a general management position, and consequently, you’ll need impeccable people skills to navigate the nuances of working twitch others to achieve favorable outcomes for numerous departments throughout an organization.

While there are plenty of IT positions for those with an analytical mind and the ability to work well under pressure, the six mentioned in this post are consistently ranked as the highest paying. If you want to get into any of the careers discussed here, you will need to spend a decent amount of time getting certification and, most importantly, gaining valuable on-the-job experience.

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