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Top 5 Cybersecurity Prediction For 2022-2023

Cybersecurity has been a pressing subject of discussion for quite some time. With machine learning and SAAS, data over the internet is getting iron-clad. However, we must not forget that hackers are also getting smarter!

If internet security is advancing, so are malware activities. Therefore, we have to be prepared for everything that the future holds. This means every other prediction that has been made about cybersecurity in the coming year.

Keeping in mind the current cybersecurity situation, certain predictions have been made for the upcoming years. Here are the top 5 cybersecurity predictions you should look for in the year 2022.

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Predictions For Digital Security

After the pandemic, cybersecurity is becoming a challenge, and therefore programmers are trying to upgrade it.

Some of the positive updates will be mentioned in the excerpt below.

1. By Default Security

Gone are the days when digital security and antivirus were an afterthought. With the current scenario changing and increasing in cloud computing, almost every data is on the web.

This data is susceptible to breach at any time. Therefore, most cloud computing is becoming more than just an online storage unit; they are becoming smart. They are coming with artificial intelligence and machine learning which will be protecting your data without your supervision.

Many users are also frustrated with the unauthorized stealing of data in some applications. As a result, researchers are trying to bring a secure design approach that will help to secure the online data in social media and other such platforms.

Some of the features that you should look forward to are our Multi-Factor Authentication[MFA] and Privileged Access Management[PAM].

2. Cyber Insurance

We are already acquainted with the idea of physical insurance. Something valuable has insurance in case of an accident or breach. Your life also comes under the spectrum of something valuable.

However, digital insurance is a new concept we are witnessing—the reason being the valuable information that we save in the digital space. Additionally, with the advent of digital currency in the form of cryptocurrency, the concept of cyber insurance has come to the forefront.

The million-dollar question is the organization. When you start assigning insurance to soft documents that are not present in the real world, you need an intricate system to organize it all.

An especially big organization that has gone completely digital in the past two years will be needing insurance for all the confidential materials in the cloud.

3. Deep Fakes Will Get Serious

To date, deep fakes have been used for the purpose of entertainment, but now it is planning to take a serious route in the world of cybersecurity. Cybercrime Credit scamming will take a new form with this.

4. Cryptocurrency Thefts

With the advent of all the new cryptocurrencies, it has become a favorite place for all hackers. Although cryptocurrencies like blockchains have iron-clad protection, this is not the first time that a cryptocurrency heist has been conducted.

These heists are going to increase next year. Malicious actors will be trying to intrude more into the cryptocurrency system and hack all these digital currencies away—the reason being the skyrocketing value that cryptocurrency is supposed to have now.

Plus, some governments are still against this concept of digital currency; receiving these currencies back is difficult.

5. AI To Fight Cybercrime

This is one of the positive upgrades of the digital world when it comes to security. However, since an uncountable amount of data is being stored online, it is impossible for a human to navigate all the malware activities that might happen.

That’s why programmers are bringing in AI to combat this. An AI is a 24/7 device, which means you can get a goodnight’s sleep without worrying about your data being stolen overnight.

AI will also be induced in many of the antivirus programs. So that when you download something, the AI is automatically able to detect the condition of the file and alerts you.

Final Note

These are some of the predictions for cyber security for the upcoming year if you are planning to make your online presence more prominent this next year.

Make sure that you read all the other articles and news related to cyber security before you make the decision to invest in new programming.

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