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Top 4 Vocational Courses That Pay Off

Vocational education is a great way to get the necessary skills and knowledge for a certain career path. Even though people look down on it, vocational education is still formal education. 

Taking up vocational courses is less expensive and takes a shorter time to complete than a bachelor’s degree, which is why more people are opting to enroll in vocational courses these days. Some vocational career paths can even help you earn more money than a university degree.

Beauty Therapist

Mastery over beauty services such as facials, waxing, pedicures, and manicures are only some of the topics covered by Beauty therapy courses. Applying professional standard makeup and knowing how nutrition affects the body are also some of the skills learned in this course. In addition to these practical skills, most courses include teaching improved sales techniques and ways to boost sales.

The learnings you glean from beauty therapy courses can also be applied to yourself. These days, most people learn to use their makeup, and being a beauty therapist can help you up to your game. The career paths you can take upon completing this course are beauty therapist, beauty writer, beauty product sales representative, and makeup artist.


With the entire world moving from analog to electronic devices, electricians have become necessary for almost all industries. Electrical courses focus on electrical components and electronic devices. Some electrical courses may even focus on specific electronic machinery used by most factories.

As knowledge in electrical components is a good addition to home improvement, electricians are given various career options. The increased use of specialized electronic equipment in factories demands more technicians. Testing and maintenance are the main tasks of electricians and can be applied to any form of electronic device and equipment.


Almost all lines of businesses require some sort of advertisement. Marketing courses teach students the art of selling. Through this course, students are taught the basic principles such as innovation and creativity. Skills like research, media creation, and media management are only some of the essential needs taught in this course.

Marketing is a difficult task that requires knowledge of the climate of the target market, product or service, and future market trends. Knowledge in these fields is highly in-demand by growing businesses as marketing can quickly turn the tide in sales. A common career path is social media management, where a marketer is tasked to manage the social media account of a certain business.


While cooking is an essential skill for an adult, you can earn money by selling food. Cooking classes refine culinary techniques and practices of a home cook – culinary courses range from pastries and baking to food safety.

Some variations of the course also offer management of restaurants or food businesses. Besides honing an essential skill, students who finish the course can take advantage of career opportunities in food service.

Vocational beauty therapy courses are a great way to learn new skills and open more career opportunities. However, securing a long-term job is difficult even for degree holders, given this pandemic.

Being practical and taking into consideration the job market is essential to getting a job that pays well. Finishing a course is not an overnight solution for securing a job, as experience, skill, and determination are what determine your salary at the end of the day.


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