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Top Tips to Promote Your Small Business in 2022

Business promotion has become crucial for every type of entrepreneur because that’s practically one of the best ways to get people to know your products. For small businesses, in particular, the way they market their services is of the utmost importance since there are so many competitors on the market.

Business promotion (whether offline or online) is essential to get word of your services and boost profit, but remember that advertising cannot be started in the blink of an eye, and you have to make choices and take decisions that will influence how your marketing campaign is running. Positively or negatively – it’s only up to you.

Advertising is by no means an easy job, but there’s no need to get discouraged. You can promote your products and services in various ways, and this article explores only a few of them.

So, here are some tips for marketing your business and pushing your company forward:

Email marketing

You should never undervalue the power of email marketing. Used properly, it can boost profits by keeping your products top of mind for your customers. Besides, it’s a cost-effective and efficient advertising strategy that will never go out of style. For example, whenever consumers receive an end-of-season sales email, they’re most likely to open it.

Email marketing also allows you to tailor your message according to your customers’ needs, preferences, age, and hobbies. This way, they will feel a sense of value and consider buying your products or services right away. And you know what’s cool? You can attract existing customers and potential ones, too, given that the former can share the email with their friends to announce them about the coming offers or the product that is to be launched on the market.

And if you plan to send your business brochure via email, consider doing so in a universal format to make sure everyone can open it, no matter their devices. PDF is an excellent alternative to Word, allowing consumers to see brochures in an easy-to-open format. If you’re an Apple lover, you can use a pdf editor for mac to create quality content and impress your clients.

Social media ads

More and more business owners have started to promote their products on social media, and for a good reason. There are so many users on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that it’s nearly impossible for someone not to see your advertisements.

Seeing ads on social media feeds has become a regular thing for many of us, given that Facebook launched ads in 2007. Even recently released apps like TikTok have begun adding ads, which means no matter the platform we use, we will most probably see some product ads. That’s how it works.

If you plan to market your business on, let’s say, Facebook, you should know that the average cost per acquisition (CPA) is acceptable, so it’s worth trying.

Influencer marketing

With the rise of social media, it has become nearly indispensable to promote your products on apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For this, you either use social media ads or collaborate with an influencer. Considering their large follower base, they can grow your brand more than you imagine. Plus, you can choose influencers based on their areas of interest.

For example, beauty and healthy category influencers might be the perfect solution for you if you sell self-care products. And if you don’t know how this works, learn that influencers can promote your services either by tagging you in their posts on feed or, if it’s about Instagram, they can present your products on InstaStory.

Regarding their rate, influencers are paid depending on their number of followers. For example, micro-influencers have an average rate of $100-500 per post, while a mega-influencer (which means they have more than 1 million followers) can ask for more than $10,000 per post.

Community engagement

It would be a great idea to engage in the community to create brand awareness. In this regard, you can host local events where people gather for a specific activity or show. Scavenger hunts have gained popularity lately, with more and more businesses organizing such events to promote their products. Do you wonder how all of this works? Well, participants have to collect or spot items, starting from a certain point on the map, which can be your shop storefront or company’s office.

Consider also speaking at local events, even if your company does not organize them. If you’re not afraid to speak in front of an audience, think seriously about making a speech for a library event (such as a book release) or a non-profit organization. This way, the locals will learn about your brand and recognize your name.

If you own a local store, it would be nice to develop special deals as often as possible to gain more clients. Maybe you already know, but people will always appreciate offers.

Another great way to market your products, especially if you’re a local business, is sponsoring a local event. People will become aware of your brand, and your gesture will be appreciated in the community. If the high school in your town has a sports team, then it’s even better. Consider funding the club and, this way, when a match or competition takes place, your brand’s name will be on everyone’s mouth.


Setting up a blog can help you stay in touch with customers. Users will always be in search of high-quality content that will satisfy their curiosity. So, create high-quality content as possible to provide your potential customers with the needed information. Plus, you can attract more clients by customizing your website with free stock photos, for example, choosing some that perfectly compliment your business.

Also, be practical and give helpful information about your products and services without being in that promotion spirit, even if, yes, you are. More often than not, users look for authenticity and credibility.

Engage with your clients by telling your brand story – how everything came to be, why you chose that particular domain, and so on.

Marketing your business has never been easier. Various advertising strategies are at your disposal, and we hope you find our selected ones helpful.

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