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How To Choose The Top Network Racks For Your IT System

With top-notch technological advancements, data centers have grown substantially in size and complexity. There is a congruent expansion of data centers and the internet, but server racks have become necessary for the network infrastructure. You may be wondering how the IT advances have made ‘network racks’ essential for the tech ecosystem all of a sudden.

Nowadays, we require more storage space, which puts a certain pressure on fulfilling this demand on the data centers. The data centers have to deal with maintenance costs, server protection costs, and performance optimization issues in order to handle the supply-demand cycle. However, there are numerous hindrances that may impede a successful operation at the data centers, including power shortage, security or performance issues, overall network capacity, or scaling of the infrastructure. In this situation, the modern-day server racks immensely help the IT staff and data center administrators. 

Network rack, as the name indicates, holds the hardware of your computer network and keeps it organized. It is also known as the server cabinet and is essentially composed of a metallic frame that can stack up, organize and keep your hardware parts safe. It helps you keep your information organized and makes the IT system visually appealing, which is rare.

These server racks come in various designs, ranging from a simple unit to a high-end cabinet with air-conditioned enclosures and other features. However, with so many varieties of network racks in the market, it is pretty tricky to select the best one, but in this article, we are going to help you with this decision. So, let’s get started.

Size Is Everything

The first thing you look for in your network rack is its size. If the size is right, you may proceed to look at the other features. In terms of size, you not only have to take into account its width but also its height. A smart thing here is to measure the hardware dimensions in terms of rack units and compare them with the available choices to get the right size per your requirements. 

Another aspect related to the ‘size’ of racks is the depth, and it is commonly ignored. Depth like height and width should also be noted. Not only does it determine whether your entire system will fit or not, but it will also tell you whether or not you can keep the excess cables inside. So, you must purchase a rack that has a variable depth option. This means you can increase or decrease the depth by placing shelves and other accessories according to your needs.

Go For Multi-Featured Doors

You need doors that allow easy access to the hardware and enough space to adjust proper airflow and wiring. As a network administrator or data center admin, you have to deal with so many wires and connections that you may easily feel lost in the system whenever you try to make a small change. Having multi-featured doors in the racks will allow you to keep every wire separate and give you an organized system.

Having a Cooling System Is a Big Plus

A cooling system or heat duct is crucial for making your network rack workable. It is a good idea to invest some time to learn more about network racks at dataworld and gather some basic information about why having an in-built cooling system is a big plus. If there is no cooling system and your hardware is completely cramped up, there is a high risk of fire in the wiring due to the over-heating of the system. 

The heat duct removes heat from the racks and the room, thereby keeping good ventilation. Furthermore, the cooling system ensures the durability of the hardware because unnecessary heat can quickly wear out your devices. If the heat escapes through the exhaust, the devices keep working fine for a long time.

Consider an Environmentally-Friendly Option

It is your choice, so why not invest in a rack which is environmentally friendly? If it is keeping the exhaust inside, it is technically heating up the area, which means the trapped hot air contributes to the disturbance created in the atmosphere. Environmentally-friendly products usually release less heat which means a cooler work area for you as well. So, it is a win-win on every front.

Some Extra Space Always Helps

Additional space is a promise for the future, which indicates that if you end up buying more hardware in the future, you will still be able to easily accommodate it in the rack using the additional space. Having some extra space is also an ideal feature because of the cable connections. Since the connections vary from time to time according to the changes you want to make to the network, having some more space comes in handy with the additional cables and keeps everything organized and neat.

Proper Ventilation Is the Key

As mentioned earlier, heat needs to be released so that the system doesn’t get unnecessarily heated up, resulting in an accident. Having proper ventilation or sufficient airflow is central to the normal functioning of the data center or server. Ventilation allows the system to cool down naturally, especially when it has been in excessive use.

Proper Ventilation Is the Key

Prioritize Convenient Assembly

Your network racks have to be arranged and set up as they are only shipped to you in parts that include shelves, panels, doors, etc. It is up to you to assemble it correctly to be able to use it for your IT system. However, if the assembly is not easy and lacks an instruction manual, you will have a tough time reconstructing the whole thing. So, to avoid that hassle, try to opt for a rack that comes with ease of assembly.

Explore The Color Options

Just because you’re selecting server racks doesn’t mean that everything has to be boring. It is never a bad idea to have some color options. Nowadays, you can conveniently find your favorite colored racks customized to your liking. Choosing the texture is also up to you. It is not something that’s going to affect the performance of your data center or affect the profitability of your IT system. However, it does add a cheerful and colorful vibe to an otherwise monotonous data center. So, why not give it a try?

Now that you have read through all the critical aspects of selecting the network racks, you can make a well-weighted decision. Remember, it is always wise to make thoughtful investments, even if they are the smallest ones. Don’t wait till all the great network racks are gone. Make up your mind and go shopping for network racks!

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