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Dramatic, stylish, and bold – the power of solitaire

What women want is very simple – usually, if the items in question are jewellery, most women have very specific needs. Some desires remain constant for every woman as they are familiarised with the materials that are most timeless of all.

Who wouldn’t prefer to have a collection of such evergreen pieces in their personal closets? Traditionally, precious metals like gold and striking gemstones as diamonds were must-haves in one’s jewellery drawers. These days, the focus has also made a slight shift towards a similar-looking gemstone – solitaire.

Advantages of a solitaire

Many reasons make this gemstone so widely popular among the female population all across the globe. This white/silver gemstone traditionally means ‘a single diamond’. Having one stone set in the entire piece of jewellery helps accentuate and capture the charm of the gem in all its glory.

Graceful pendants – 

Click here to be amazed at this brand’s supreme collection of solitaire pendants. This is one category of jewellery that might seem pretty monotonous in terms of its design and make. This brand will not let it seem that way.

With exclusive designs, each one different than the other, feast your eyes with some brilliantly cut gems embedded into a pendant that can grace your attire. Round, square, kite-shaped, halos, twisted designs in yellow gold or rose gold shades can be opted for.

Attractive rings –

To have your “let me see the ring” moment, you can try this out. There are different styles in which a solitaire can be set into the frame of a ring.

  • Peg head setting – Very popular among ring designers, this setting gives an overall sleek look to the jewellery. Usually, the design has about four to six prongs to make them look modern and captivating.
  • Basket setting – Similar to peg head, this style varies with its inclusion of an extra metal band that makes the design even sturdier. Resembling a basket, this ring is more traditional and has four prongs. The stone can sit high or low changing the look and feel of the design.
  • Trellis setting – Considered most elegant, this design gives a sweeping profile view of the gemstone studded in rich metal.
  • Bezel setting – This is best suited for a woman with an active lifestyle as the stone is least exposed having been covered with a band of metal. The edges of the stone are kept safe from wear and tear but still making it look royal and attractive.

This gemstone will remain timeless in the markets as it has been through all these years. A major advantage of this stone is also that due to its evergreen nature and attractive properties, it can be passed on to generations without qualms. The classic designs can never grow old.

Looking to invest in a solitaire-studded piece of jewellery is a decision that cannot go wrong. Head over to this brand, online or in-store to browse through the well-designed collection of solitaires. Allow the company to take care of your jewellery-related needs and be rest assured that you are in good, genuine and trustworthy hands. Also read about An Ultimate Guide to Luxury Watches and more on The Tech Diary.

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