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The Hottest Living Room Wallpaper Trends You Need to Know

Ready to transform your living room with our wallpapers into an eye-catching, Instagram-worthy space? Wallpaper makes a gorgeous design statement and offers more creative possibilities than paint alone. From bold graphic prints to nature-inspired textures, the latest wallcovering trends inspire unique personality.

Discover next season’s hottest looks straight off the runway so your home decor stays ahead of the curve!

Natural Textures

Organic textures like grasscloth and sisal infuse rustic yet refined charm. These tactile walls contrast beautifully against sleek modern furnishings for an inviting eclectic edge. Neutral earth tones and undyed varieties pair effortlessly with any color scheme as a natural backdrop.

For more texture dimension, select embossed patterns. Look for papers replicating ostrich skin, snakeskin and alligator—exuding exotic luxury! Moroccan-style textures impressed with geometric shapes also captivate with glimpses of underlying metallics.

Tropical Motifs

Make a sun-filled statement and warm up winter days by enrobing your living room with tropical foliage. From large-scale palm leaves to allover banana leaf prints or palm tree photo murals, these lush botanical choices instantly inject a resort atmosphere.

Many tropical papers offer bleach-cleanable vinyl durability perfect for family spaces. And complementary accent palettes like coral pink, ocean blues and lime green keep the coastal tranquility flowing.

Renaissance Damasks

Revisit European palaces of yore through baroque-influenced damask wallcoverings. Look for classic patterns like paisleys, medallions, fleur-de-lis shapes, crowns and crests interpreted in rich jewel-toned palettes. Deep blue or cardinal red backgrounds illuminated by metallic gold inlays nicely bridge traditional and modern.

For lighter airy schemes, seek pastel damasks with soft aqua or champagne grounds lightly patterned in ivory. Then surround yourself with a cloud-like regal elegance.

Bold Abstract Graphics

Make an ultra-contemporary color splash with abstract art patterns. Look to mid-century modern influences for optical swirls, intersecting circles and cascading geometrics—reimagined in every color combo under the rainbow sky.

High contrast black and white graphics also energize. Crisp lines with subtle pearlescent sheens catch and reflect light intriguingly. Layer powder rooms in purple, green and tangerine graphic prints for an avant-garde accent wall gallery effect.

Photorealistic Murals

Wow design guests with photorealism murals spread lavishly across substantial accent walls. These scenic visions showcase exotic travel locales or tranquil nature settings for personal at-home getaways.

Dreamy beach vistas, towering urban skylines, Pacific Northwest forests and South American waterfalls transform living rooms into private personal sanctuaries. Ensure true floor-to-ceiling immersion with corresponding printed border tapes available.

Modern Global Patterns

Find inspiration wandering bazaars and museum archives of ancient cultures updated with contemporary graphics and color stories. Seek Indian blooms like peacock feathers digitally recolored in dramatic neons. Admire native folk patterns from African mud cloth or Guatemalan weavings reinterpreted on washi papers with gilded embellishments.

Let these heritage designs tell visually intriguing stories while gracing your well-traveled interiors with multi-cultural allure.

Sophisticated Metallics

Inject showstopping glamour with the continuing metallic wallpaper trend. Unlike flashy disco era silver and gold, today’s offerings take a more refined upscale tact. Textural metallics mimic a jewelry box lined in velvet. Or opt for muted copper geometric embossed prints that suggest discovered antiquities.

For curating gallery walls, frame vibrant oil-slick colors swirled with liquid smooth pearlescence. Light catches each iridescent panel resulting in an ever-changing art display.

Pastoral Landscapes

Disconnect from urban overload by surrounding yourself with idyllic painted skies, placid lakes and rolling hillsides. Spanning entire accent walls or alcoves, these transportive landscapes soothe senses even more impactfully than artwork canvases.

Look for wide panoramic widths, multi-panel pastoral collections or sophisticated graphite drawings that turbulent watercolors. Then retreat into a personal earthly nirvana whenever you desire.

Statement Friezes and Borders

Define distinct spaces like dining areas or reading nooks with coordinating wallpaper borders. Contrast high-sheen lacquered stripes against matte painted upper walls for an eye-catching delineation. Opt for Deco-inspired geometric shapes or Art Nouveau florals bordering neutral grasscloth panels.

And specially designed accent wall friezes work magic atop picture rail moldings. Display a parade of prancing animals, 1920s automobiles or even dinosaurs marching around your personal palace!

Faux Architectural Finishes

Love the Old World grandeur of Venetian plaster or the warehouse chic of exposed brick, but lack budget or existing architecture? Innovative wallpapers now offer shortcut solutions!

Stunning stone, concrete, weathered wood planking and oxidized metals applied to walls establish enviable atmosphere without costly custom builds. More budget-friendly than hiring specialized artisans, these wall coverings still achieve million dollar looks!

Key Differences: Wallpaper vs. Paint

Sometimes the choice between wallpaper or paint proves difficult when revamping living rooms. Which direction best suits your goals and budget? Understanding their comparative advantages helps inform your decision.

  • Cost – Painting with quality primers/paints professionally costs ~£300 per room. Wallpaper materials average £30-50 per roll plus ~£200 labor fees for installation.
  • Change Timing – Paint allows faster switching of colors/finishes. But many wallpapers withstand decades, outlasting several paint jobs before needing replacement.
  • Light Reflection – Paint often exposes underlying drywall flaws no matter the sheen. Heavily textured wallpapers hide imperfections better for smooth luminous surfaces unmarred by cracks or seams.
  • Pattern Options – Wallpaper offers exponentially more prints and dynamic full wall mural possibilities over available paint choices. But strategic placement of wallpaper combined with painted walls builds exhilarating contrast.
  • Maintenance – Both wallpaper and paint require occasional gentle cleaning for surface dust and smudges. Wallpaper proves more stain resistant overall for accident prone spaces. Some even clean with bleach.

Preparing Walls for Successful Installation

With so many gorgeous wallcovering options inspiring your project, avoid disappointments by properly prepping your walls first. Follow these pro tips:

  1. Clean Surfaces – Eliminate existing grease or soap residues using sugar soap so wallpaper bonds tightly. Rinse thoroughly.
  2. Prep Textured Walls – If installing over irregular surfaces, apply high quality heavy-duty liner first to smooth uneven areas. Then decorate over that for best results.
  3. Size Dark Paint Colors – Deep bold base colors like navy blue may require sizing liquid applied first so pigments don’t bleed through new materials.
  4. Prime Bare Drywall – Professional drywall primer seals surfaces for uniform moisture absorption and adhesion across walls.
  5. Mind Electrical Outlets – Label plates denoting “top” and “bottom” orientation with painter’s tape. Reinstalling correctly aligned finishes the job beautifully.

Once your wall surfaces suitably prepped, transform ordinary spaces into intriguing artworks full of depth, color and inspiration reflective of your unique personality.

Final Thoughts on Fabulous Wallpapered Living Rooms

Wallpaper offers seemingly endless possibilities for manifesting living room style fantasies. From commanding photographic murals to global cultural prints rich with history, exciting designs beckon everywhere.

Hopefully these trend forecasts provide sparks for igniting your own interior design visions. Just remember – no “rights or wrongs” exist when selecting wall décor personalized to your distinctive taste.

The transformative power lies directly in your hands. So embrace making a spectacular wallpaper statement! Then toast yourself with well-deserved compliments on a job masterfully done.

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