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The Future of B2B Marketing

Get ready for the future of B2B marketing. Some exciting B2B trends are appearing — and you need to know all about them.

B2B marketing is changing fast.

Whether you’re a start-up or an already established company, your number one priority should be to keep up-to-date with the latest B2B marketing trends. Otherwise, you’ll fall behind the times and lose out on sales, which you obviously won’t want to happen.

So, what are the latest B2B marketing trends, and (more importantly) what does the future of B2B marketing look like? Let’s find out!

More Businesses Will Use B2B SEO Agencies

B2B marketing is (traditionally) quite difficult to get right. Moving into the future, this is why business leaders and marketing managers will be using B2B SEO agency. This way, they can get help with their B2B SEO strategy and experience key benefits such as:

  • Greater visibility
  • More website traffic
  • Boosted sales

If you don’t have any in-house B2B SEO experts working for you at the moment, it’s highly recommended that you use a B2B SEO agency, too. As a result, you can stay ahead of the curve and relax knowing that your B2B SEO is in the right hands.

Huge Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing has become a red-hot trend ever since the global coronavirus pandemic struck back in 2020. Unsurprisingly, the email marketing trend shows no sign of slowing down and is definitely here to stay.

In terms of the future, huge email marketing campaigns will become the norm amongst B2B businesses. Essentially, this will involve B2B businesses sending out emails (en masse) to potential customers and clients. The end goal of this is to generate as many sales and leads as possible.

According to Smart Insights, B2B emails get an open rate of 15.1%. Although this might seem slightly low on the surface, this is actually a very good open rate. Think about it: for every 10 businesses you email, at least 1 of them is going to engage with your email. Therefore, if you send out 100 emails in a marketing campaign, you can expect 10+ emails to be opened.

LinkedIn Will Continue to Be a Major Force

LinkedIn is viewed as one of the best online platforms for B2B marketing.

Through LinkedIn, businesses can create and share content that’s specifically targeted to other businesses. On top of this, they can also reach out to businesses directly through the messages option, which is a great point of contact if you’re looking to gain new leads.

Interestingly, LinkedIn remains free for businesses to use, which is why it will continue to be a major force over the coming decade.

The Rise of Social Media Influencers in the B2B World

Lastly, social media influencers are going to be a big part of B2B marketing, just like they have been for the past several years.

B2B influencer marketing is when a B2B business pays a social media influencer to promote its brand (via their social media pages) to other businesses. The concept here is that (because social media influencers are seen as valuable and trustworthy) it plants a seed in the minds of other business owners to check out the products and learn more information about them.

If you’ve yet to try B2B influencer marketing, it’s recommended you start with lower-level influencers, such as micro-influencers. This is because they’re cheaper, and you can use them as an opportunity to see whether B2B influencer marketing is right for you or not.

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