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The Full Test Automation Benefits

Any company developing a product has a testing phase in place. It works out to be a part of product development more so to guarantee quality. Some medium or small sized companies do not pay a lot of attention to testing even it is required in the first place. It is not only about the tests but how we conduct it also seems vital.

Some of the companies prefer the option of manual testing but this might not be the best approach. Another step that you may opt for is full test automation when there are tests in place.

The manual testing has to be minimized at all costs. The test automation is going to enhance the overall software efficiency which would allow a series of robust tools to be built. Let us dig deep and understand the benefits of test automation.

Faster cycle of feedback

If there is no test automation, feedback for newly developed features might be taking a while. By test automation, it is going to reduce the cycle of feedback and brings the various validation phases of r a project. This is really useful as it enables you to detect bugs or flaws at an early stage which is going to enhance the efficiency of the team.

Saves time

When you automate the test procedure, the team needs to spend less time validating the new features. It is also going to improve the communication with other departments like design, or marketing which would be depending on these results. Such departments would be checking the log of automated tests to figure out what would be happening.

Reduction of business expenses

When you are using an automated test module, the company is going to save money as fewer resources are spent on the project.  The logic behind this is that you should not be doing any manual testing.

In the course of a project, this could turn out to be a major difference. Yes setting up and installation of an automated test would take time. The possibility exists that you could be paying for a proper automation tool that enables you to develop a stable work environment.

Test coverage of superior standards

Manual testing has a limit on the number of tests you may certify. By automation, you can spend less time writing of tests and it would be added to the automated test suite. It is going to increase the test coverage of your product. Hence for proper application a lot of products are being tested.

Automated testing is going to allow a developer to formulate more in-depth tests as compared to complex use cases. The lengthy tests during manual testing are something that may be avoided.

Quicker time to reach the market

A fact mentioning is that new features can be regularly tested and validated as per test automation. I is going to reduce the testing cycle and feedback which would be allowing the companies to reach the market a lot faster.

Better insights

An automated testing is bound to provide better insights when you compare it to manual form of testing. Not only it provides vital insights about the application but reveals the storage, content of tables along with other program states. This is going to provide knowledge to a developer on what went wrong.

Improved accuracy

Even the best of engineers would make mistakes during the process of manual testing. More so when you are testing a complex user case faults are likely to occur. An automated test can provide 100 % accuracy in terms of results. Also, Know About Graphic Design and more on The Tech Diary.

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