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Technology And Healthcare- How Tech Is Helping Medical Advancements: Dr. Ryan Shelton

Out of all the industries, there is one industry on which mankind’s future depends on for survival. Yes, you guessed it correctly; we are talking about the healthcare industry. Thanks to the healthcare industry and its innovation, we have treatments for diseases that were considered life-threatening only fifty years ago.

Technology has played an important role in shaping the healthcare industry and getting it to where it is now. With the integration of technology and science, the healthcare industry has come a long way.

Technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics and nanotechnology have all given the healthcare industry modern medical tools to help save lives.

According to Dr Ryan Shelton, the future of the healthcare industry is hand-in-hand with technology.

This article will discuss the impact of healthcare technology and how technology has reshaped the healthcare industry.

How Is Tech Helping Medical Advancements?

Technology has impacted many aspects of healthcare industries from breakthroughs in healthcare statistics to better medical treatments. However, below are the top 3 advancements that technology has impacted in the healthcare industry.

1. Better & More Accessible Treatments

Have you ever noticed how easy it has become to get medical treatment today compared to a couple of decades ago? Experts believe that the increased accessibility of medical treatments is one of the most effective ways that technology has changed the healthcare industry.

In addition to the integration of technologies, doctors can smoothen up the surgical process and collect relevant information at a much faster rate. This gives the doctors more avenues for exploration and research.

2. Improved Care Efficiency

Another other key area where technology has shown a significant impact is in inpatient care. With the integration of technologies in the healthcare industry, information technology has made it much safer for patients.

Doctors and nurses often use hand-held electronic devices to record important real-time patient data which is immediately updated in their medical history. The instant data collection factor has helped scientists use the data to find new ways of treatment and discover new medical breakthroughs.

3. Remote Monitoring Software & Tools

Medical software and tools have helped doctors office’s to be a nearly paperless environment. Patient charts, medical history, and any other relevant information is all stored in the database and can be accessed from different doctor’s who are all in the same network.

These resources allow medical professionals to offer better medical treatments to the patients.

Medical care is much more transparent, and the patient’s various doctor(s) can all be on the same page with exactly what treatments the patient is receiving.

Final Thoughts

We are truly in an exciting and revolutionary time in the healthcare industry. With the advent of digital health and the continual advancements in healthcare technology, it will be interesting to see how the healthcare industry continues to evolve.

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