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Tech-Wise Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Keeping your employees engaged throughout the working day can seem like an afterthought for many managers. After all, wasn’t everyone hired for their go-getting attitude? The simple fact is that most people can become demotivated or unengaged from their work over time, particularly if not given clear, concise instructions. Fortunately, you can use technology to help you reengage them and foster a far happier workplace.

Importance Of Keeping Your Employees Engaged With Their Work

Keeping your employees engaged with their work is incredibly important to ensuring successful, productive, and motivated staff. Employee engagement can increase morale, improve job satisfaction and even boost productivity with the right tailwinds. Not only that but investing in making sure your employees feel reneged will show them you care for their well-being, which in turn leads to greater loyalty and commitment toward the company.

In fact, if you click here, you will see that employees who receive only sparse recognition for their efforts are a whopping 75% more likely to leave within a year. Overall, if you want your business to grow beyond just putting additional hours into it, you definitely need to consider technology initiatives to engage your team. Nothing can replace face-to-face interaction with coworkers, but technology does provide great tools to foster better relationships within your workplace.

Keeping Your Staff Engaged With Their Work Through Technology

As you might imagine, keeping your team motivated and on target can sometimes feel like a lesson in futility. However, with the right tech on hand, you can turn even the most unmotivated team member into a paragon of productivity and efficiency!

Implement Virtual Team-Building Activities To Promote Collaboration And Teamwork

You can use virtual team-building activities to promote collaboration and teamwork. If you have small teams working on projects together, team-building activities can help build trust and foster positive relationships between members. Additionally, virtual team-building activities enable you to circulate information quickly throughout your organization as well as provide a platform for ideas exchanges and discussions among teams. Some example exercises for employees include:

  • Virtual team trivia
  • Role-playing games
  • Virtual scavenger hunts
  • Online jeopardy games
  • Mobile app challenges
  • Video conferencing meets
  • Social network sessions
  • Quizzes

Use Chat Or Messaging Apps To Facilitate Communication And Information Sharing

Chat or messaging apps are a great way to facilitate communication and exchange of information between your employees. This can be used to reduce communication time and allow workers to focus on their tasks more efficiently. There are plenty of quality business-oriented apps available, including the likes of Slack, Teams, and even Discord.

Using these apps will also create a virtual “water cooler” where employees can check in with one another throughout the day or ask quick questions without being physically present in an office setting. This type of system will make it more accessible for remote workers to feel included in conversations and help keep everyone up to date on new developments within the company.

Keeping Your Staff Engaged With Their Work Through Technology

Provide Remote Training And Development Opportunities To Support Career Growth

When employees are given a chance to grow and develop new skills, they tend to stay with their company for a longer period of time. Not only that, but having access to remote training gives them the flexibility they need to attend classes on their own schedule.

You don’t have to spend much money either; just provide access to online courses or webinars that help your employees hone their existing skills or learn new ones. You should also consider creating your own in-house online content like video tutorials, written materials, self-assessments, case studies, and more.

Offer Flexible Work Arrangements To Promote Work-Life Balance

If you ask most employees what they most desire from their workplace, you will usually find they want a better work/ life balance. Most people are more than happy to clock in and do their job to the best of their ability, but they still want to spend time with family and friends and develop time away from the office.

Numerous studies have shown that providing staff with flexible work arrangements makes them happier at work, allows them to take fewer days off for other reasons, and improves morale. Suffice it to say; this leads to a better working environment for all involved and more efficient and productive employees who are more likely to stay with your business for the long haul.

Provide Access To Wellness Apps Or Resources To Promote Employee Well-Being

As the saying goes, a happy employee is a productive employee! Technology can be used to promote employee wellness. Employers should provide their staff access to wellness apps or resources, including physical activity tracking apps, nutrition and diet advice and materials, mental health support services, sleep trackers, and stress management tools.

By making these kinds of resources widely available, employees can take advantage of them to care for their health and well-being while still managing their job responsibilities.

Keeping your team happy and effective can be straightforward with the use of technology. However, the more motivated your staff is, the better they will perform, regardless of how you accomplish this goal.

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