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Why Your Team Needs A Shared Inbox

A shared inbox is an email inbox that allows multiple people to send, receive, and manage emails from the same email address, such as sales@companyname.com. Creating a shared inbox allows anyone on your team to manage and collaborate on incoming emails from their own inboxes.

Shared Mailboxes Allow Your Team To Collaborate

A shared inbox can bridge the gap between email and changes in team collaboration. Most communication is via email, so a shared mailbox allows your team to work collaboratively. Before shared email, the solution was to forward emails or copy to multiple people. These LEDs to cluttered inboxes and unneeded emails.

With shared email, everyone can read and manage email as well as see the communication history, so no messages get missed or duplicates get sent.

Shared Mailboxes Give Transparency and Accountability

You can share emails with your whole team and easily delegate. Everyone can see the whole email chain, allowing for more transparency.

You won’t need to chase for information, as there is a record of what has been sent. This also means that duplicate emails won’t go out, or the same information is given twice, as team members can see exactly what has already been said.

Managers can save time asking their team for updates, as they will be able to see exactly where each email chain is at, without having to chase for updates or get separate emails to keep them in the loop with what is going on.

Shared Mailboxes are Secure and Easy to Monitor

Email is designed for people to be able to communicate with each other. It wasn’t originally designed to work as a colloborataive tool for a team to use together.

Because of this shortcoming, you will probably have found some unsecured workarounds to solve any problems that come from this, such as sharing your password so your assistant can access your emails, or having to spend time forwarding all your emails to them.

When you share an inbox, everyone can manage the in and outbound emails. You don’t need to give anyone access to your inbox, forward emails, or share your passwords.

Sharing an inbox also keeps people accountable and allows teams to manage projects together from their own inboxes.

Shared Mailboxes Offer A Single Point of Contact

For those who are outside of your company, it might be hard to find the best approach for contacting you. There could use your website, which might have a contact address or a contact form, or they might have contacts they already know at your company. Perhaps neither of these options can provide them with the answer they’re looking for.

Driving everyone towards one shared inbox makes it much easier for your team to stay on top of contact and for those trying to get in touch with you. It also makes it possible for you to make that any conversations can be redirected towards the best possible person in your company on each subject so they can respond, without having to forward a chain of emails.


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