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What You Need to Start and SEO Agency in Bangkok

So you’re thinking of starting your own SEO agency in Bangkok? It sounds like a great idea, especially since Bangkok and much of Southeast Asia is becoming more digitized every year and other businesses are highly dependent on outsourcing for much of their SEO and digital marketing strategies.

As with starting any business in Thailand, however, there are quite a few factors to consider. The climate for opening a business can be quite complex and even though tech based companies have it easier than most, SEO agencies are still subject to many restrictions in Thailand.

Local Accounting

Any business in Thailand has to be up-to-date on their local tax regulations and know how to pay the proper taxes and fees on time. Whether you choose to hire an internal accounting team or outsource to an accounting firm in Bangkok, it is essential that you have local accounting experts to help your SEO agency handle proper invoicing, tax payments, and payment of regular government fees accurately and on time.

Very frequently, the fines for missing a tax payment or misunderstanding the accounting requirements for your business can be much more harmful to your business than the taxes and fees themselves. Don’t lose any of your hard-earned money by hiring a less experienced accountant.

Legal Services

While it may not seem necessary at first for an SEO agency, hiring legal professionals is extremely important for opening your business in Bangkok. Whether you are Thai or foreign, Thai laws around opening a business and keeping it legal can be quite complicated and hiring a legal expert ensures that you are meeting all the requirements for your SEO agency operations.

Hiring legal services is particularly important if your business intends to hire foreigners. Hiring foreign employees in Bangkok can be quite challenging as your company will need to meet certain additional requirements in order to sponsor visas and work permits for these employees. This can be nearly impossible to navigate in Thailand without expert legal assistance, so make sure you look for a legal agency that has experience handling these types of issues.

A Strong Plan, Skill, and Determination

As with opening any business, a solid plan and the will to carry it out are absolutely essential for success in starting an SEO agency in Bangkok. And since there are many excellent SEO agencies already operating in Bangkok, you will certainly need a high level of skill and spirit to survive.

The Bangkok market is a complex and continually evolving sphere with both foriegn and Thai customers making it a challenging place to begin any new project, including an SEO agency. But if you know where to start and have the right levels of flexibility and determination, you can achieve great results and start on the right track to achieving your dreams.

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