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Why Social Media Automation Strategy Need Minimal Optimization

When marketers continue to handle several platforms, tasks, and strategies on a regular basis. Social media automation systems have helped streamline tasks and make their lives easier. Social networking, in particular, has been a vital component of every business’s communications policy, as well as one of the most highly automated from a B2B viewpoint.

According to InstaPage’s study, automating social networking messages will save up to 6 hours a week for certain advertisers. However, as more people flock to social media sites and the importance of social media grows for companies, a new solution that prevents intense automation of social media content could be required.

Many marketers rely heavily on planned content and social media automation, but there is a case to be made that a committed staff might add more value, make greater use of resources, and improve the bottom line.

Drawbacks of Social Media Automation

Engaging with your clients, the business, and creating a strong brand name is only a few of the key objectives of social media marketing. Increased brand recognition will result in more visitors to the website, more sales, and the development of a culture that can transform casual consumers into brand advocates.

Social media automation, on the other hand, has the potential to jeopardize all of these activities. “Over-automating your social network places your brand at risk of two key factors,” says Dawson Whitfield, CEO of Looka in Ontario, Canada.

Many companies have solely advertised their goods and services on social media, focusing on themselves and their corporate marketing. Customers, on the other hand, aren’t waiting for that. Brands may use social media to engage in dialogue with their clients, solve their challenges, and learn more about what they really want.

With automation, brands may not be able to participate in those talks, or they may not be able to respond fast enough if they make a mistake. Automation can be a valuable tool, as Erika Goldwater, Director of Global Communications at inRiver in Malmo, Sweden, notes. But too much emphasis on automation here can leave brands losing out on valuable contacts and interaction. “Social media automation is incredible. The ability to plan and automate posts and distribute key updates and content is essential for any social media team. Automation, on the other hand, cannot allow for real-time interaction, positive or negative reactions to problems, or sufficient empathy or emotion.” Goldwater clarifies.

Giving a Systematic Social Media Strategies in Mind

Most brands may say that they depend on automation too heavily that their marketers don’t have enough time to constantly track and communicate on social media. This engagement, on the other hand, is critical, and all it takes is the right approach to make it work.

Alessandra Gyben, marketing director at GreenRope in Solana Beach, CA, offers two suggestions for getting started with a manual approach. She recommends devoting at least one hour a day to social connection. For your brand, this may mean participating in discussions on Twitter, leaving comments on LinkedIn, or communicating with your audience through a live stream or Q&A session about an educational topic.

Regardless of what the brand is doing, Gyben emphasizes the importance of setting goals for social media growth. “Do you use social media to raise visibility, generate leads, create thought leadership, and other similar goals? What are the main success metrics for this project? Set monthly/quarterly targets for the staff and make them report on them.”

The Advantages of This Social Media Automation Technique

There are many perks that can be unlocked if the company decides to hire a committed social media team or person.

Real-time Content:

Having a committed social media squad allows you to produce entertaining and timely content in real-time. It also ensures that your brand will participate in debates and answer easily to audience members who have concerns about what you’ve just tweeted or who are sharing a subject-specific to your business.

Customer Interaction:

Although social media automation can help you spread your message and potentially launch discussions. It can also reduce customer interaction if your brand doesn’t react. “Customers are more likely to shop when they feel like they’re engaging with an actual person on the other end of a brand’s Twitter or Instagram handle.” Whitfield makes a statement. More recognition, conversions, and consumer satisfaction can be achieved by cultivating a genuine bond that makes the customers feel like they’re listening to a real human rather than an artificial robot.

Fill in gaps:

It takes a lot of time and effort to manage social media. Finding a dedicated social media staff will ensure that the company gets the most out of its social media campaign and platforms. Rather than doing the bare minimum when balancing other priorities. “As a result, expert staff would ensure all of the company’s priorities. And met through social media posts. Whether it’s brand visibility, recruiting, demand generation, customer loyalty, building advocates and culture, or others,” Goldwater says.

Best Social Media Automation Tools

1. HubSpot

You will save time and prioritize your social connections using HubSpot’s social network app. This tool was created to make sharing posts from your marketing campaigns across all of your social media channels as simple as possible.

2. Buffer

Buffer was created with teamwork in mind. That means you can use this app to plan and collaborate with your team or digital marketing agency to create social media marketing strategies.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers monitoring and analytics tools to help you come up with and publish content concepts in addition to daily scheduling and reporting capabilities.

A content library, for example, can be used to arrange all of the content. That ensures you can save time by having pre-approved posts available so the team member in control of content scheduling can select from a variety of options.

4. Sprout Social

Your social networking team will use Sprout Social to address the three main issues that come from manual social media management: full inboxes, deleted calls, and time-consuming activities.

You’ll learn how to use this tool with dedicated preparation and simple onboarding before you get started, so you can start using it right away.

5. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the most effective automation methods for locating the most effective content.

Your team will produce ideas, develop high-performing content, track your success, and find influencers to work with using the market discovery, audience research, tracking, and influencer software.


Using social media automation to automate routine activities allows you to spend more time engaging with your followers. These techniques should not, though, be used to prevent communicating with or referring to your followers.

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