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10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Invest More in Videos

Video marketing has proven incredibly beneficial in promoting businesses of all sizes. From telling a brand’s stories to promoting a product, the possibilities with video marketing are endless. While most people are skeptical about video marketing due to its high expenditure.

But, at the end of the day, it is actually worth the investment. Video marketing is becoming an important part of marketing strategies. Also, tools such as an online video editor offer various layouts for creative video editing.

If you are debating on whether video marketing is worth the hype or not, read along to find out the answer. Discover why it is so valuable and deserves to be a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Importance of Videos in Digital Marketing

Importance of Videos in Digital Marketing

Videos are versatile and easy to consume content. Social media has played a great role in making videos and is an important part of digital marketing. With the latest tools and several layouts, creating videos has become simpler than ever.

Many businesses rely on video marketing to share features and facts about their products or services. According to a survey, videos helped businesses in increasing their brand awareness by 70% and sales by 34%. Videos have also been proven to provide a huge return on investment and boost sales.

Moreover, 90% of consumers say that videos help them in making purchase decisions. There is no doubt that videos are compelling and help establish a personal relationship with the viewer.

With the release of new video-sharing platforms and online video editor tools, creating innovative videos has become much easier.

10 Reasons to Include Videos in Marketing Strategy

Videos in Marketing Strategy

1. Introduce your brand to a new audience

To catch people’s attention, you can share your business’s story and the people behind it. Sharing a story about how your brand works give users an insight into what your business is all about. You can show how much dedication and hard work goes into putting up a successful product or service.  A well-shot and creatively told brand story will surely convert views into sales.

2. Boost Sales

Due to their simple approach, videos have a great impact on viewer’s decisions. A big portion of viewers purchases a product or service after watching branded ads, according to a survey.

Many people search online for review videos to help them compare with other products before making a purchasing choice. Small businesses have proven video ads to be 49% faster in growing revenue than without video ads. Furthermore, a study showed that 83% of businesses claimed that videos provided them a good return on investment.

3. Diversify Your Content Marketing

Video marketing is here to stay, so it’s better to incorporate it into your marketing strategy sooner than later. Up to 80% of internet traffic is made up of videos. To promote your brand, you need to work at the same wavelength as your target audience.

An online video editor allows you to promote your brand on all sorts of online platforms. You can send video ads through email, social media as well as your website.

4. Improve SEO Ranking

If you use informative videos on the website, people will spend more time watching them. As such, this engagement will result in a better SEO ranking. As a result, the search engines will show your website at the top of search results, leading to more sales and visits.

However, for better SEO ranking, the video ad has to be optimized according to SEO. With the proper title, description, and backlinks to the website, the results of video ads will be significant.

5. Increase Brand Awareness

Gaining the viewer’s trust is one of the key ingredients in inviting more potential customers. People feel more connected to a brand when they see its product video rather than reading an article about it. With special effects video transitions and professional editing through an online video editor or Adobe Premiere, you can create remarkable videos that leave a lasting impression.

6. Demonstrate Your Products & Services

Visual aids in videos are a great tool to help customers understand how the product works or what type of service is being offered. A well-planned video can explain in detail how your product or service is offering a solution to customer’s problems. You can demonstrate your product’s features and quality through video ads.

According to research, 74% of viewers watched a video about a product or service and subsequently bought it.

7. Reach More Customers

All social media platforms are incorporating videos in a variety of different formats. You can share small stories, long videos, or 1-minute reels to promote your product or services.

Another useful aspect of videos on social media is that they are shareable. A well-executed ad can gain fame in no time and go viral within a matter of few hours. This helps your business gain a wider audience and potential customers.

8. Increase Your Presence on Mobile Devices

Most viewers browse the internet and social media on their mobile devices. Showing a marketing video in their social media feeds can be helpful in your marketing strategy. Creative ads and catchy stories can make people watch the complete video and visit the website.

9. Engage with Customers

Videos increase customer engagement on your website or social media page. Social media videos are 1200% more shareable than text and images. While website videos attract up to 3x more customers to the website monthly.

10. Video Are Becoming More Cost-Efficient

With newer technology and free online video editors, producing high-quality videos is becoming easier than ever. Businesses don’t have to spend a huge amount to produce a high-quality video ad. With a good quality camera, royalty-free music and footage, and professional-level editing, you can easily create video ads for your brand.

Online Video Editor to Promote Small Business

Parting Words on Using an Online Video Editor to Promote Small Business

The key takeaway is that video marketing is only going to grow stronger. More and more businesses are shifting to video ads, and it’s time that you do too.  With proper planning and well-executed video ads, you can get ahead of your competitors.

Videos are one of the best ways of engaging with your audience and giving them a glimpse of your business. Well planned and creative videos will surely catch the viewer’s attention and result in better business performance.

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