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Significant Types of Encryption Methods

Do you want to improve data security and gain the trust of your customers? Encryption can help you archive this goal and help you meet regulatory compliance. It acts like a tool that can protect businesses data. It is a fact that every company likes to protect their data to a great extent and make it safe from all fraudulent transactions.

No one denies that encryption is an essential requirement in every business interaction. Are you still striving to understand the way your business can take advantage of encryption? Experts report that unencrypted data is the most vulnerable for almost all companies.

They want to make it secure to the maximum limit. Also, bitcoinrush is one of the most used platform for knowing about encryption method.

Scroll down this post to know the effective encryption methods to shield the data.

Main Types of Encryption Methods

Various encryption methods are based on different keys. Plus, they use different lengths of keys size of data blocks. Here is the list of standard encryption methods.

1. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

This method is an asymmetric encryption algorithm that can encrypt fixed blocks of data around 128 bits at one time. The essential keys used to decode include 128, 129, or 256-bit in length. In addition, the 256-bit key can encrypt the data in 14 rounds while 192 keys in 12 rounds. Plus, the 128-bit key is based on 10 rounds.

It is essential to know that each round has multiple steps of substitution, transposition, etc. AES method is the most used encryption method suitable for both data at rest and data in transit.

2. DES Encryption

This method got acceptance as a standard encryption method in 1970, but it is not much safer now. It is because of its encryption limit since it can only encrypt 56-bits of data at one time. It resulted in its hacking after its use in public. It only served for some time before other encryption methods got introduced.

3. 3DES

3DES refers to Triple data encryption that works as its name suggests. It does not use a single 56-bit key, but it utilizes three separate 56-bit keys to ensure three-layered protection. No doubt, it offers maximum protection, yet it has a downside. That is, it consumes a longer time to encrypt data. Plus, it encrypts the shorter data three times, but it is still vulnerable to hacking. Despite the downside, some small-scale businesses and banks still use this encryption method.

4. Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA)

This is another encryption method based on an asymmetric encryption algorithm. It has a basis for the factorization of the product. This process takes place through implementing prime numbers. You can decode the message if you know these numbers; otherwise, it is complex.

RSA is also helpful to transmit data between two different endpoints, for instance, web connections. One of its downsize is; it works slowly when a large volume of data must be encrypted.

5. Twofish

It is a license-free encryption method that codes data blocks of 128 bits. Plus, it is the successor of the 64-bit Blowfish encryption method. It is also adaptable compared to its specialized successor, Three fish. It can encrypt data in 16 rounds irrespective of the key size. No doubt, it performs slower than AES, but this method applies to some file and folder encryption solutions.

Types of Encryption Keys

I. Symmetric

This type of encryption key operates on a single private key, which is faster than asymmetric encryption. For this purpose, the sender needs to share a private key with the receiver to reach data or information. Although it is not a new technique yet, it is popular.

II. Asymmetric

This encryption method operates with two keys: public and private keys. It allows you to share a public key with anyone while a private key is a secret. It is because you need a public key to encrypt your data and need a private key to decrypt your data.

Bottom Line

Encryption plays a primary role in tech products and tools; it is also a base for ensuring security from computer games to VOIP phone calls and video chats. If it is possible to store it, it will tend to encrypt data.

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