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3 Tips For Setting Up A Productive Home Workstation

The work from home arrangement has been around since the 1970s. It was popularly referred to as telecommuting during that time. Fast-forward to today, businesses take advantage of this work setup for their employees because of various reasons and benefits.

And if you’re an employee who was recently hired or given the chance to telecommute instead of working in an office space, you may want to set up a productive home workstation.

Home Office Setup 101

Working from home is quite different compared to working in the office. It comes with unique challenges, and one of them is having to create a suitable environment to optimize your health and productivity. You can’t just place a coffee table and chair in a corner and think that you can be productive there. You need to set up a dedicated home office.

You might be wondering how you can have a decent workstation at home to ensure that you’ll work efficiently and be always motivated to finish all your tasks. So, to help you out, here are some tips to help you out set up your very own home office.

Home Workstation

#1. Invest In Proper Furniture

No matter how you want to decorate and set up your home office, having the right office furniture is crucial because it can boost your performance, level of comfort, and focus at work.

Consider the impact of purchasing bargain furniture over quality. You can’t deliver your best at work if your comfort is compromised. Take note that whether you’re working from home temporarily or for good, the cheapest chair, office desk, and cabinetries will not help you save money in the long haul. If you’re working for 40 hours per week, you might as well invest in the right pieces of furniture.

However, depending on the current size of your home office, you need to plan the pieces of furniture you can place. If you only have a nook in your apartment, consider getting open shelves, an adjustable desk, and other space-saving furniture.

Apart from that, make sure to invest in a good quality chair like the ErgoChair 2 and other high profile office chairs that fit your workstation. An ergonomically designed chair is recommended as this can offer you appropriate support and cushion to keep you productive. It can also prevent injuries and back strains due to sitting too much.

When buying, make sure to take into account certain elements of an ergonomic chair. For instance, it must be adjustable, inexpensive, and have proper padding for support. You can compare various models online to ensure that you’re buying the right chair for your needs.

#2. Add Privacy

Fact is, not every employee gets to have their own home office. Most have to create a makeshift workstation in their rooms, living area, guest room, and the like. If you’re one of them, then a work-from-home setup can be quite a challenge for you, especially if you have kids or live with a roommate or friend.

To get around this dilemma, make sure to place dividers to isolate your workstation from the rest of the house and its occupants. You can use cabinets and curtains as dividers if you don’t have the luxury to get an office or room divider.

Likewise, make sure to have a daily schedule that indicates around what time your family or roommate can watch TV, play music, and make noise in the living area. 

If you can’t do that, an excellent work-from-home tech tip to follow is to use a noise-cancelling headset when working. It can help you have some peace and quiet, especially when you’re in a meeting or watching an important presentation.

#3. Choose The Appropriate Colors

Dip your toes into color psychology and find out the colors that will serve your intentions best and keep you focused throughout your shift. For instance, painting your home office’s walls blue can help you relax and concentrate while working. On the other hand, painting your walls red or placing red appliances and equipment in the room can help you keep yourself motivated and invigorated. 

However, don’t just rely on color psychology. Sometimes, making your favorite color the most dominant color in the room is enough. But remember, some colors can strain your eyes if it’s always present in your sight. Hence, if you have a favorite color but it seems overwhelming to the eye, you can purchase office items of the same color to add mini accents and variety to your station.

Wrapping It Up

Setting up a productive home workstation and office takes a lot of strategic planning and consideration. While it can be quite demanding, your efforts will be worth it once you’re finished setting it up. By following the tips above, you’ll surely have an idea of how to turn a corner of your space or room into a suitable work environment.

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