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Why Software Companies Sell on Cloud Marketplaces

Cloud marketplaces are growing in importance for software companies who want to sell their products. Why? They offer a low-cost, high-quality way to reach millions of potential customers. And cloud marketplaces provide a level playing field for all sellers regardless of size or location.

But it’s not just about numbers.

Here are some of the main reasons why software companies sell on cloud marketplaces:

Cloud marketplaces offer a low cost, high-quality way to reach millions of potential customers

Software companies of all sizes and locations can take advantage of the opportunities that cloud marketplaces offer. Software companies who sell on cloud marketplaces can benefit from increased reach, increased credibility, and increased demand for their business’ products and services. Cloud marketplaces give every user a chance to be seen by millions of buyers around the world—that’s a level playing field.

If your company’s software is great, it will have the best chance to succeed when you make it available to millions of potential customers around the world. Cloud marketplaces give thousands of buyers—including big corporations and small businesses—a low-cost way to buy products and services from cloud software companies.

Cloud marketplaces provide a level playing field for all sellers regardless of size or location

On cloud marketplaces, small companies can compete with larger businesses on an even playing field. Small businesses aren’t limited by their budgets and they don’t have to worry about finding new customers outside their local area. They can focus on selling their products and services, not on spending time and money to bring customers in.

Software companies can sell more by selling through marketplaces that are trusted by the world’s largest businesses.

Plus, if you don’t want to have to deal with listing your software on various cloud marketplaces yourself, you can hire a company such as Tackle to assist.

Easier procurement speeds up deals with customers

If you want to speed up your sales cycle, look no further than cloud marketplaces. Selling through marketplaces can help you accelerate deals by making the process easier.

Sellers are required to register with an understanding of how their products work within the larger ecosystem, and buyers are also pre-qualified. This makes it easy for buyers to make faster decisions about purchases.

Cloud marketplaces give software companies access to an international audience with very little investment required

Marketplaces are borderless, so your business doesn’t have to worry about building a presence in other countries. You can take advantage of the opportunities afforded by cloud marketplaces without having to worry about a costly system set up in another country. And your customers will be able to view and purchase your solution in their local currency.

60% of businesses make purchases through cloud marketplaces each month

Finally, you won’t have to worry about a lack of demand for your products and services—just look at the numbers! 60% of businesses worldwide use cloud marketplaces to find software products and 40% will purchase from a marketplace after they browse. These buyers are already actively seeking out the products and services that you have to offer.


And if you’re still not convinced, marketplaces are generally easy to use, will allow companies to focus on their core business while finding new ways of generating revenue by increasing sales.

If your software product is in demand worldwide, reach millions of potential buyers by selling on cloud marketplaces.

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