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Top Factors to Consider When Selecting Skirting Boards for Your Space

Having your own home or office, either by buying, renting, or constructing a space, is one of the greatest feelings of human experience. However, with having your space comes the designing part. It is natural to want to customize the space to fit your preferences and taste. Interior designing is one of the fun parts of putting your space together. There are so many ways you can design your space, including playing with the colors and tones of the walls, experimenting with the lighting of the space, putting up decorative items, and installing skirting boards, among others.

Skirting boards have been around for quite a while, dating back to the Victorian era. Since that period, many general improvements have been made to skirting boards. There are several types of skirting boards, and choosing one type may be challenging, but with this guide, everything will be as easy as pie when it comes to selection.

The material the boards are made from

Different skirting boards are made of different materials, mostly MDF, hardwood timber, and FJ pine. You must take time to sit down and analyze the pros and cons of each choice. While MDF is cheaper than real timber, it is less durable. FJ pine holds nails well for installation but is more expensive than MDF board. If you are leaning more towards a traditional and natural feel, hardwood is the ideal option. However, its supply is limited. FJ pine is the best choice since it is more economical. Alternatively, you could opt for tiled skirting.

The height of the rooms

The skirting boards you choose must complement the height of the room they are installed in. If the rooms have short ceilings, then it would be best to install short skirting boards. The rule of thumb is to choose skirting boards that are at least 1/18 of the room’s height. Similarly, a 180mm skirting board would be the way to go if the room has high ceilings. For appropriate sizing, you can measure the rooms beforehand.

The thickness and color of the boards

When considering the thickness of boards, this relies heavily on two choices. Are you going for a modern or a traditional home feel? If you are going for the former, the ideal thickness is 15mm to 18mm. However, if you want the latter, a 25mm skirting board will perfectly provide the look you want. You should also ensure that the skirting boards you settle for match your walls, the flooring, and the general aesthetic of your home.

The quality

Carefully analyze the store you are buying a 180mm skirting board from. Do they have good reviews? Do they sell quality products? Has the company been in any legal or financial issues before? Have customers ever complained about the skirting boards in terms of quality and customer service? You can also ask family and friends who have enjoyed buying items from the store about the quality of the skirting boards. If you are satisfied with the response you get, then you should give the store a chance.


Skirting boards boost the aesthetic feel and appearance of a home, office, or any other space you install them in. With the above considerations, you can choose skirting boards that suit your needs and taste.

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