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Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Choose a Rented Apartment in Bangalore

We’re all looking for a place to call home. But when you move to a city like Bangalore and find yourself thrown into a whole new world, it can be difficult to find a place that feels comfortable and welcoming.

You’re not sure what the apartments for rent in Bangalore are like. Where should you start looking? Should you hire a broker? Do you want a standalone building or an apartment complex? All these questions are bound to be on your mind. But instead of stressing yourself out with too many questions, you should be focusing on how to gain clarity about your new home. And that’s what we’re here to help you with. Check out these five foolproof questions that you should ask yourself to find the apartment of your dreams.

What’s my budget?

Your budget is the first thing that you need to finalise when it comes to finding an apartment for yourself. There’s no point looking at accommodation that’s way beyond your reach and wasting time unnecessarily.

Instead, find out about the average cost of accommodation in Bangalore and determine a reasonable budget. Experts say that you should allocate about thirty percent of your income towards your housing, but if you have to pay for utilities, commute, food, and other essentials too, you might need to adjust this figure based on your context. Once you have a budget decided, you can tailor your search accordingly.

Do I want to live alone?

Once you’ve fixed your budget, you now have the freedom to choose the type of apartment you want. And that’s going to be dependent on your lifestyle. If you’re someone who values your privacy and wants to live alone, a studio apartment or a 1BHK flat will be the right choice for you.

But if you want a bigger space and you don’t mind sharing with others, then choosing to live with flatmates will allow you to afford a better location or a bigger flat without having to pay a very high price. Living with flatmates will also allow you to share the expense and responsibility of living in a flat and give you some company when you need it.

What is the location I prefer?

If you’re living in Bangalore, this is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself. Because the last thing you want is to book accommodation that’s ages away from your place of work and end up stuck in endless traffic on a daily basis.

In order to reduce the amount of time, money, and energy you spend on the commute, we recommend choosing a location that’s within a three-to-five-kilometer radius of your office. It’s also important to ensure that the neighborhood you choose is safe and has access to various essential services like a market, grocery store, chemist, park, hospital, and public transport.

What are the facilities I can’t do without?

When is a flat not just a flat? When it comes to some amazing amenities that make your life hassle-free and comfortable. And that’s the kind of apartment that you want for yourself.

Look out for a flat that has the amenities that you need to feel at home. If you don’t have a lot of furniture, you should find a fully furnished place; if you’ve got a vehicle, a parking spot will be mandatory; and if you’re someone who loves to cook, you need a spacious and well-designed kitchen.

Of course, if you want to take the convenience of living alone to the next level, you can opt for some professionally managed accommodation like Stanza Living which will ensure that you have a great home with the best of amenities, top-notch security systems, and professional housekeeping services.

Can I see my shortlist in person?

It’s all well and good to fall in love with an apartment listing based on photographs online but you need to see it for yourself before you decide. There’s no way you should be putting down a non-refundable deposit only to walk into a house with damp walls and rotten floorboards.

Visit a few of your top choices so that you can make an informed decision and compare the pros and cons of the different options. Make sure that you make a note of factors like the direction your flat faces, how much sunlight it receives, the noise levels in the area, and the amount of storage space available. These might not seem all that important at first, but they can be make-or-break elements after you move in.

With these five questions in mind, we’re sure you’re going to be able to make a great choice when it comes to your rented accommodation. So, go ahead and find the apartment of your dreams. Good luck!

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