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Public School vs Private School: Key Differences and Similarities

There are over 120,000 schools currently operating in the United States. With those numbers, you might be confused about where to send your child.

It gets more complicated when you consider all the different types of schools, like private schools and public schools.

Luckily, we can help.

Read on to learn about public school vs private school.

What Is Public School?

In most of North America, a public school typically refers to a government-funded school that is open to all students within a designated geographic area, known as a school district or catchment area.

These schools are free of charge for residents of the district and are funded primarily through taxes, such as property taxes and state funding. They need to stay up to district standards since they’re a government-funded option for childhood education.

Public schools are required to follow state-mandated curriculum standards. The curriculum is standardized. It’s often focused on meeting state testing requirements, rather than learning goals.

What Is Private School?

A private school is an educational institution that operates independently of government control and funding.

Private schools are typically funded by tuition fees paid by students’ families, donations, and sometimes endowments.

Private schools have autonomy in their governance, curriculum, admissions policies, and overall operation. They are not directly controlled by government education authorities.

Private schools often have selective admissions processes. They may look at things like past academic performance, interviews, essays, recommendations, and sometimes standardized test scores. However, admissions criteria can vary widely among private schools.

Private schools often boast smaller class sizes. That allows for more individualized attention and interaction between students and teachers. They may also have access to better resources, facilities, and extracurricular opportunities.

Choosing Between Public Schools and Private Schools

Choosing between public schools and private schools is a significant decision that depends on various factors.

Consider the teaching methods, curriculum, and educational philosophy. Private schools may offer specialized programs or alternative educational approaches that public schools may not provide.

Look at the availability of different activities, sports programs, arts programs, and other enrichment opportunities at each school.

Private schools may offer more extracurricular activities and specialized programs tailored to student interests and talents.

Think about the location and accessibility of both public and private schools. Look at things like commuting distance, transportation options, and convenience. Think about how the location of the school may impact your family’s daily routines and logistics.

You might be interested in starting your own private school, to ensure it truly suits your child’s needs. In that case, you’ll need a private school marketing plan template.

Of course, price will be a deciding factor. Look at tuition and fees for local private schools. Compare them to the expenses associated with public education, such as transportation and extracurricular activities.

Public School vs Private School: Decide Today

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to public school vs private school. Now that you know the basics, you can dive into local options and figure out what will work for your family’s needs.

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