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How Public Relations Are Becoming Powered by Technology

Public relations strategies are crucial to modern-day success, and modern-day technologies are completely transforming the game. With the use of technology, businesses can create innovative and highly effective PR campaigns using various channels and platforms with unique and specialised industries.

In fact, a tech PR agency can take a brands PR game to a whole new level to help them stay ahead of the competition and get the rewards they need to reach success. There are many creative ways to involve technology in a PR campaign and we’re going to delve into them now.

Technical Innovations That Are Helping PR Do A Better Job

There are a few major technological innovations that are helping PR firms to do a better job and support the brands they are promoting. These combined efforts are helping businesses to go from strength to strength.

Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a hot piece of tech to watch at the moment in every industry, and public relations is just one of them being affected. A lot of the work of PR professionals is looking for viable reporters and influencers to promote a brand. AI can now assist in suggesting possible contacts, looking out for recommendations that could help a brand. This smart technology can assist additional contacts you haven’t contacted yet, based on records of the ones you have been in touch with.

More than suggesting contacts, AI can help to predict the chances of coverage a marketing pitch will earn. It can help a PR professional to know how the contact likes to pitched so that they can adapt their tactics to improve their chances of a successful sale.

Collaboration Technology.

If you have several PR professionals on your team working on the same brand outreach, you want to avoid them pitching at the same reporter at the same time. To avoid confusion and clashing, and to support collaboration and cooperation, you can use technology to manage the activity stream. It can work as a knowledge management tool, helping teams to work together and put their time and effort into viable endeavours.

Identifying Backlinks.

Backlinks are links from reference websites that link it to the web source. They are not easy to get hold of but have great results when it comes to media. In some ways, backlinks are even more important than mentions because they are a great boost when it comes to search rankings. This means the benefits are more sustained and long-term in terms of both awareness and generation of leads.

Monitoring Podcasts.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and growing as a vital way of searching and consuming information. However, these are hard to monitor and keep track of. This is where podcast monitoring technology can help, as it has the ability to edit clips and search for key words.

Integration with Analytic Tools.

To truly understand how different PR tools are working, PR teams need to be able to analyse the information they are gathering. Integrating PR strategies with tools like Google Analytics will help brands to know just how much referral traffic is being generated by different media mentions. When there is access to this valuable insight, important decisions can be made on real evidence. It means that PR teams can pour resources into effective channels and not waste them on dead end pursuits.

Modern Solutions to Modern Problems

PR is crucial to growth and crisis management, and with the assistance of intelligent technology brands can find cusses at a constant and consistent rate. With the right PR tools to hand, businesses and brands can get their name out there, support their reputation, gain customers and drive sales.

With the fragile economic times we are now navigating, and the business world becoming even more ruthless and competitive, brands need to employ every trick they can to promote themselves. As a business, it’s vital that the right partnership is made with a PR firm that will work to use modern solutions to deal with today’s problems. On the other hand, as a PR representative, it’s crucial that the most relevant technology is used to take the necessary strategies to the next level.

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