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How to Track the Progress of Your Employee Training Program

Employee training is a fundamental thing a company can do to grow its organization. With the technological advancements and competition amongst businesses growing at an accelerated rate, the importance of keeping your employees upgraded is also increasing 

Training has many benefits for employee retention and motivation. Employees feel valued and motivated to give their best if they are provided with a chance to upskill themselves.

With proper tracking of your employee training, you will be able to:

  1. Improve employee performance.
  2. Make changes to the training if needed.
  3. Make sure everyone understands compliance requirements.

But, how can you track the progress of your employees? Here are few ways you can do it:

1)Leverage technology:

Use software tools like LMS which help you deliver your courses effectively. These tools come with unique features for administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of employee training programs. You can also track the progress of each employee without troubling yourself with files and daunting spreadsheets 

A leading example of such tools is Westnet learning, which is an LMS. It enables managers and team leaders to analyze their department’s training status and track employee training automatically from auto-generated reports to notifications. 

2)Tracking software:

There are different tracking software available to gather simple training metrics, like the time taken to complete the course, and the number of employees who have taken the course, etc.

It helps you maintain data on spreadsheets, through which you can gather valuable insights about your training programs. It is more suited to offline training, but if you are doing online training it becomes hard to transfer data from one platform to another.

3)Excel or spreadsheet:

If you are a small size company where you can track employee training by using excel or a spreadsheet, then go for it. tracking it manually can be cost-effective, especially when you don’t have the budget for buying a software tool.

This template should include rows and columns to record information. Just be careful not to miss any data during this manual process.

4)Conduct assessments:

You can track the progress by conducting several types of assessments. Pre-assessment helps you to understand whether employees are comfortable with the schedules and instructions. Conduct these assessments in different periods of the training process to know everyone is on the same page and make changes accordingly if required.

5)Take feedback:

Feedbacks can help you in tracking the progress. Collect feedback on different facets of training like seminars, workshops, course modules, and trainers, etc. Their recommendations can help gauge the overall progress. Be accountable to the feedback and try to make improvements as suggested by the learners in the feedback forms.

6)Pass/fail rate:

Tracking the scores of tests can give a strong indication of how much knowledge they retained. You can understand the areas where learners are performing well and where they need improvement. The results would make you understand if there need to be any changes in the course syllabus.


Imparting training is one of the most important requirements for honing the skills of your employees. At the same time, tracking the progress and making necessary changes in the training program is also important. Consider the size of the organization and the budget allocated for the tracking process and then decide whether you can afford a technological tool like LMS or can do it manually using excel or spreadsheets.

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