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Powerful Instagram Tactics Brands Can Use to Take User Engagement to the Next Level

In today’s intensely competitive social media marketing scenario, brands have their work cut out to increase the number of their followers and engage them for building brand loyalty. However, boosting the rate of engagement on Instagram can be made easier by following a few proven tactics:

Establish the Best Time for Posting Content 

Even though you may have awesome content, it will have no impact if users don’t get to see it. The reason could very well be that you are posting on the wrong days or at the wrong times. Users not seeing your posts can also drive down your posts in the feeds of users, which further ensures that your followers never see your content let alone engage with it.

While various studies on Thunderclap.it are suggesting the ideal times for posting content, it is best to experiment by posting content at various times and days of the week to establish when you get the best visibility and engagement. It is even more important to do this if your target audience is spread across multiple time zones.

Use Instagram Stories Stickers to Start Conversations 

Instagram Stories

After Instagram itself, the next big thing on Instagram is Instagram Stories. Currently, over 500 million users see Instagram Stories daily, and their number is growing at a fast clip. By using Instagram Stories stickers, brands can encourage their followers to interact and engage with them in various ways and build a loyal community of users.

Using a Question Sticker can be a great conversation starter. According to the Search Engine Journal, it is a good idea to remember keeping the base of the IS frame, clutter-free. It helps users to have a clear view of the native See more text.

Brands can encourage users to ask them virtually anything to enable them to get to know the brand and the business better. Question Stickers on posts not only can be used to start a conversation but brands can obtain valuable customer feedback during the process and also raise their engagement level.

The Quiz Sticker allows you to share multiple-choice questions on trivia and also track the interaction. You will be able to see the choice made by the user in real-time as well as perform an analysis of the total number of responses on each choice so that you can get an accurate idea of customer sentiments.

If you want to arouse the curiosity of your followers to be able to make your contests, sales promotions, and events more successful, you can think of using Countdown Stickers that counts down the time and date of the event. Not only does this sticker create a sense of anticipation among users but also by subscribing to the event, users can get a reminder when the time is up and the event is Live on Instagram.

Test and Analyze New Types of Instagram Content Regularly 

The rate of engagement will zoom when users find your content useful, relevant, original, and entertaining. However, to establish what kind of content your target audience likes, you need to rest them out. This can be quite burdensome, especially if you feel that you are getting a good response from the content you are posting.

However, in a competitive scenario, you need to be always seeking ways to stay ahead of the curve, which is why you must consider posting new types of content that can have a better appeal to your audience.

You may discover that certain assumptions that you had believed to be correct are necessarily not so and there are better alternatives. For example, if you have been posting on weekdays under the assumption that no user would like to engage with over the weekend when they are relaxing, you may discover Sundays to be ideal because your users have more time on their hand. Regarding content types, the possibilities are endless.

You can try out user-generated content, quotations, memes, infographics, videos, Instagram Stories, streaming content, and more. According to social media marketing experts, user-generated content and video content are usually the best content format for engaging users.

The point is not to assume anything regarding the efficacy of the content. You must analyze the metrics to find out which kinds of content echo the most and then go about optimizing it.

Create More Content That Compels Users to Save It

From the point of engagement, likes, comments, shares, and saves are vital. One of the best methods of boosting the engagement rate is to create content that is so compelling and valuable that users would love to save it for revisiting it later.

It is observed that among the many types of content, carousel posts that share valuable information and advice are more inclined to be saved so that users have them ready at hand when they need it in the future.

Similarly, creators of travel content are witnessing bigger success from blog-style posts that contain a wealth of information about various travel destinations.

The trick to creating content that users will find valuable enough to save is to discover what is important to your users and what they will find valuable. Fortunately, there is a very wide choice available. In this context, you may contact a reliable digital marketing company to buy Instagram views to boost your brand or business.

Conclusion: Consider Infusing a Touch of Fun

Instagram posts gain success only after devoting a lot of time, effort, energy, and planning. However, that does not imply that you will stop having fun. More and more businesses and brands are incorporating humorous elements and even pop culture references by incorporating trending topics and funny memes into their content.

You may strategically infuse a dose of fun in your Instagram Stories to gain complete audience engagement. You may notice a boost in your engagement rates when you add AR filters to your Instagram Stories, and GIFs and memes to your Insta feeds.

Your Instagram engagement rate is sure to go up dramatically once you start posting something fun and quirky. Once you infuse some fun moments, be prepared to see huge returns in the form of comments, likes, and shares! Also, If you want to get free Instagram followers, try an app called GetInsta.

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