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Popular Careers in Data Science That Might Interest You

Data makes the world go round. The vast majority of people who make regular use of data never stop to think about how it’s made. Data scientists are responsible for the data people use on a daily basis. Becoming a data scientist, therefore, means individuals will be responsible for deriving meaning from programming codes and large amounts of data.

If you are interested in finding work in a stable and profitable area of the sciences, then why not get into data science? This post will tell you how you can do that (and a few careers to consider):

Taking Courses

Before exploring the most popular careers in data science, online courses deserve a mention. Individuals interested in this field of work tend to think university degrees are a prerequisite to finding work, but that is not true; in fact, there are a number of providers offering training courses in data governance whose diplomas and certifications are just as good as university-level qualifications.

Taking a course shows that you are committed to improving and honing your skills, distinguishing you from other candidates. University degrees in combination with online certificates will make you especially attractive to employers. Consider both.

1. Data Analyst

Other than the role of data scientist, data analyst is the most desirable title in the world of data sciences. These individuals are responsible for visualization, munging, and processing data. Sometimes data analysts also have to perform database queries. To become a data analyst you will have to learn about optimization, as this role involves modifying algorithms. Ineffective optimization could lead to database corruption. Corrupting databases will get you fired.

2. Data Engineers

Data engineers are the people who are responsible for the creation and testing of data ecosystems, so data scientists can run algorithms and interpret data. Unless engineers build high-quality ecosystems, data scientists will not be able to do their jobs. In addition to building ecosystems, data engineers are also responsible for updating existing systems and installing new software. Regular software upgrades help to improve the performance of databases. The better databases perform, the easier it is for data scientists to do their jobs.

3. Database Administrators

The vast databases and ecosystems used to contain and store data have to be managed, otherwise, they can get corrupted. While analysts are responsible for optimizing databases and engineers for fixing them, administrators are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance required to keep them functioning properly. The vast majority of problems are fielded to data engineers; however, administrators are the ones people report these problems to. 

Administrators will then try to fix issues themselves, and if they cannot, then they will get in touch with administrators and report problems to them. All parties involved have remote access to databases, so can perform updates and repairs from anywhere in the world.

4. Machine Learning Engineer

Today, machine learning engineers are in high demand. The role itself does not need much explanation. It is one of the most complex areas of data sciences individuals can get into, mainly because it involves working with artificial intelligence and algorithms. People hopeful of becoming machine learning engineers can improve their chances of securing work by learning as much as they can about the technology behind algorithms. 

Until hopeful candidates are experts in algorithms, how they are made, and how they work, they will be unable to make a name for themselves. As it is a highly technical area, it is also one of the best paying.

5. Data Scientist

As mentioned earlier, to be a data scientist is to be at the top of the food chain. Becoming one requires an understanding of the challenges faced by modern businesses, as data scientists are responsible for using data to deliver effective solutions to these problems. Data scientists go through large amounts of data, drawing meaning and interpretations. 

As it is the most desirable career in data sciences, it pays very well. Individuals can make huge amounts of money working as data scientists, provided they secure a job with a reliable company. It is also possible to freelance as a data scientist.

Data Architect

6. Data Architect

Data architects are instrumental in the creation and production of data ecosystems, working alongside administrators and managers to ensure that databases can be seamlessly integrated, protected, and centralized. An important part of any data architect’s job is security. It is fair to say that they are on the frontline, protecting databases and preventing them from falling victim to cybercriminals. Digital security has never been more relevant than it is today. Businesses are having their databases accessed and hacked at record rates. Protective measures have to be introduced by architects to ensure that their clients do not fall victim to criminal gangs.

7. Statistician

To become a statistician, interested parties are usually required to study statistics at university. It is a highly complex field that requires years of study and a good understanding of mathematics. The more prestigious the place of study, the more likely individuals will be to secure jobs with Fortune 500 firms. A statistician’s role involves understanding and interpreting statistical theories. These individuals offer insight into data clusters to clients, in addition to helping to create new methodologies alongside engineers. Engineers then use these methodologies.

8. Business Analyst

Out of all areas in data sciences, business analysts are the ones who know the least about data. A business analyst’s role is to help businesses to establish how data can be used to improve organizational functions and growth. Business analysts are, in spite of this, paid very handsomely. An understanding of how businesses work is required in order to enter this career pathway, as business analysts work perhaps more closely than any of these other roles, with independent businesses and business managers. 

Again, while an extensive knowledge of data is not as important in this role, a basic understanding is still important, and candidates with extensive understanding will be more likely to find stable, long-term employment.

Finding a job is not easy. More people are unemployed now than ever before in American history; in addition, there is a cost of living crisis making many people’s lives extremely difficult. One stable line of work you should consider exploring is data science, which is always going to be in demand.

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