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Playing PUBG: New State on PC

Free to play mobile game PUBG: New State to take you for a futuristic battle royale field. Launched on the 11th of November for android and iOS devices, and brought surprises to the gamers around the world.

The game will be set in 2051, where we can see a futuristic elemental environment with multiplayer-focused gameplay. The PUBG formula will be the same with some new features. Those features are included with new customizations to the weapons with new in-game drones as well. Over 200 countries are there for the global launch of PUBG: New State with 17 different languages.

The game PUBG: New State is a parallel launch for the PUBG series, and it was very popular as a battle royal once its first launch happened back in 2017. New states are not the first mobile entry for this series, as there was a PUBG Mobile launch back in 2018. It can be known as the first game made by the game’s original developer called PUBG Studios. Development of this original PUBG Mobile was done mainly by Tencent who is a well-known Chines tech giant.

PUBG Studios emphasizes that this new game will come along with some effective anti-cheat measures from its launch. And this company is going to monitor the community activities to catch problems before they widely spread.

In the past, PUBG games had a very significant use with cheaters. Once a motherboard reporting revealed that one of those cheat-making groups managed to make more than 70$ million from selling cheats from the PUBG mobile. PUBG was known as the only game that caused this problem, and for that issue, other companies like Valve and Activision made news about preventing cheating with their hardware and software.

Just like the previous release of the PUBG games, PUBG: New State will also be centred around multiplayer matches. More than 100 players can enter into the game’s map, and a squad or a player can emerge with the victory. There are four maps at the PUBG: New State, and those are included with the franchise staple Erangel. PUBG Studios had made their promise to update the game regularly over time with new content.

Apart from the mobile, Krafton is a planning on releasing a another related game on PUBG for the consoles and PC next year. There are many plans to release a new survival horror game placed on the same PUBG universe that is happening in three centuries future. It will be released in 2022, and let’s keep our hopes for its release.

How to Get a Better Gaming Experience with PC?

Rather than playing a game on mobile, PC has many benefits to offer for the players. If you ever wanted a better gaming experience with this PUBG: New State, don’t try to play it on mobile since it has some law features to offer on players. A better gaming experience will always come from a bigger screen and when it adds with the assistance of a keyboard and a mouse to make it better gameplay.

Overall, a PC has a lot to offer more than mobile in the case of gaming, and it needs a solution called an emulator.

How to Get a Better Gaming Experience with PC?

How to Play PUBG: New State on PC?

As we said earlier, to play a mobile game on a PC needs a support of an emulator, and that is how you can run android operated apps into the Windows operating system. An emulator makes an Android operating system to your windows, and it makes a way to run mobile apps through it without causing any issue.

So what is the emulator that you need to choose? So many emulators to choose from in the market as there are dozens to choose from. They all offer you an android system to the windows. But here we recommend you the best as LDPlayer, and there are multiple reasons to choose this among others. Those reasons are

  • First, this emulator is free of charge.
  • It is a trusted emulator by global wise gamers.
  • For the PUBG: New State will be given extra support by letting you create your own keyboard controls for the game. As the game comes with set key controls for each movement, you will take another time to learn them all again, and this can be prevented by creating your own key sets with your most familiar key controls. There is a feature in LDPlayer called Keyboard Mapping feature for this purpose, and through that, you can set your most engaging key controls to the game than the default key settings.
  • Moreover, LDPlayer comes with a sharing option between windows and android.
  • There will be flexible options to customize your PC to work smoothly with LDPlayer.
  • When your region doesn’t support a game, it is not a problem anymore as LDPlayer allows you to drag and drop its APK onto it and then you can play it.

How to Play PUBG: New State with LDPlayer?

How to Play PUBG: New State with LDPlayer?

Simple steps are there to play PUBG: New State on your PC, and those will let all the players enjoy the game from its best experience. First, take a download on LDPlayer, and you should take it from its official site. Choose whether you need the 32 or 64-bit option, and either you choose, both will work fine on your PC.

After installing LDPlayer, you have to search your game title from its separate LD Store, and you will find the game there. After that, install PUBG: New State on your device via LDPlayer, and then it’s time to enjoy excellent gameplay with LDPlayer.

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