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Epic Role-Playing Game Shadow Fight 2 for PC

You know a mobile game is good when it goes cross-platform. Shadow Fight 2, which is the sequel to Shadow Fight, is one such game that started off as a mobile-only game and then was made available for Nintendo Switch too. This epic role-playing game has garnered millions of fans around the world. 

Shadow Fight 2’s predecessor was a browser-based game on Facebook, which immediately became a sensation. So its creator, Nekki, rolled out a mobile version of the game, which is even better than the original one on Facebook. 

Graphics and Animations

One thing that Shadow Fight 2 has really going on for itself is its smooth animation and high-quality graphics. It’s hard to find such quality in freemium games. 

The twist is that it doesn’t even use elaborate characters. The characters are just silhouettes, but the backgrounds are intricately detailed. This is a good strategy because the focus then stays on the character even though there’s so much more in the backdrop. 

This is easily one of the main reasons why the game has received such fanfare as its animations are pretty flawless. 


The game has fairly easy controls. You have a directional dial on the left that you can rotate to move around. Then there are controls for punching and kicking on the right side. 

You can use both types of controls to deliver different attacks. So the game isn’t limited to a few moves or attacks. As you play, you learn how they all work differently. 

The controls are fast enough too, which is essential when you get ahead and have to fight advanced opponents who don’t go down that easily. 


Of course, a fighting game can only be as good as the weapons it has to offer. There are plenty of choices when it comes to weapons, and those weapon choices determine the fighting style as well. 

This is where the game really shines because it’s not limited to a handful of weapons. Plus, those weapons are upgradeable. It upgrades in terms of power, so you can deliver even more damage. 

Aside from weapons, there are also other types of gear like armors and helmets. 


The gameplay of Shadow Fight 2 is quite exciting as there’s just so much to do. With six different worlds and each having its own boss, there are different worlds and levels you can play on. 

That’s not all; you’ll also be taking part in tournaments that get harder and harder as you advance. If you win, you earn gold that you can use to fight better in the main stages.

Shadow Fight 2 on PC

Shadow Fight 2 on PC

Shadow Fight 2, unlike its predecessor, isn’t directly available for Windows or Mac. However, like with other Android games, you can use an Android emulator to play this game on your PC. 

For a game with heavy graphics and animation like this one, Bluestacks would be a good choice. 

So just install that on your PC and then download the APK file of Shadow Fight 2. Check this how-to tutorial!

The APK file is basically the executable file of the application. In order to run it in the emulator, simply drag and drop it from where it was downloaded onto the emulator screen, and voila, you’re all set. 

Some emulators, including Bluestacks, also allow you to adjust graphics and performance settings, so you can easily optimize the settings to make the experience even better. 


Shadow Fight 2 is an amazing game both in terms of gameplay and animations. While it’s a great game for mobile, you may like it even more when you play it on PC, especially if you played the original one in your desktop browser. 

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